When Sarah arrives at Capricorn, at Cris’s summons, Sarah accuses Cris of dragging her into work because he’s mad that she kissed Jared! Although Cris plays it cool and claims to want to discuss a budget for the bands Sarah plans to book, Sarah says, “You’re in denial – about liking me – and you’re jealous that I kissed Jared.” After Cris lets out a little laugh, he tries to warn Sarah that Jared is trouble – and that he doesn’t want to see her get hurt. When Sarah turns the tables on Cris by saying, “Then find me an alternative,” Cris replies, “I don’t want to be your next mistake.” Sarah holds her ground and says, “Whether you like it or not, I’m going on a date with Jared Banks!”

When Michael runs into Roxy, wearing a ‘Team Marcie’ shirt, at the hotel, he tells her that John, Todd and him are leaving soon to find Marcie. Though Roxy thinks Michael should just let Marcie run, Michael talks about what could happen if the authorities catch Marcie then admits he knew about Tommy’s paternity all along. With sadness, Michael continues blaming himself but hopes he can help Marcie somehow get out of the mess. After Roxy promises to check Michael’s mail – in case Marcie contacts him – Michael heads upstairs to finish packing.

Natalie shows up bright and early at the carriage house ranting to Miles about running out of milk, and other insignificant things, to which Miles wants to know what’s really on her mind! Although Natalie denies her mood has anything to do with John, she admits it has everything to do with Jared Banks – and how he’s driving her mad! Once Natalie tells him about how Jared kissed her – then turned around and kissed Sarah – Miles says, “You’re jealous.” Through a bit of denial, Natalie realizes there’s a fine line between love and hate! Changing the subject, Miles talks about Roxy and how they’re going to finish out their community service together!

After Natalie leaves, Roxy shows up with an idea for their community service: to work at the community center! Although Roxy admits she wasn’t good with her kids, she loves kids and thinks Miles would be great with them too! When Roxy compares their partnership to the ‘Beauty and the Beast, a twitch of madness appears on Miles's face.

At the cottage, Jared is woken up by loud music and demands to know, “What’s going on?” After Nash reintroduces Jared to the couple that had lost to Jared in the poker game at Roxy’s, they all insist Jared play another round! While Jared is throwing on some clothes, Nash and Jess hope he’ll be out of their hair soon! Later, with the music blaring, everyone does everything in their power to irritate Jared as he’s about to make his bet. After the game, none the richer, the couple takes off, leaving Nash with one last challenge for Jared, “We each put up 1 % of our shares of the vineyard!”

After Jessica returns from walking their guests to the door, Jared refuses Nash’s bet and is comforted when Natalie shows up. “Awe,” Jared says. “You missed me.” When Natalie tells Jared that he will not be going out with Sarah, Jared replies, “You’re just mad because you’re not going out with me!”

Awakened by a load thud, after Blair screams, “Who’s there,” a hand is covered over her mouth! After Todd explains he didn’t want Blair to wake up the kids with a scream, he starts packing then tells her, “I’m going to go find my kid.” Once Blair hears that Todd is teaming up with John, her initial worries of Todd interfering in a police case escalates! Knowing Todd won’t give up till Tommy is found, Blair begs him to be careful to which Todd seals her worries with a kiss! Later, alone, Blair touches her wedding band, thinks back to her wedding, then appears overcome with worry for Todd.

After showing up at John’s, Marty hears about the road trip John, Todd and Michael are going on and worries John will get himself in more trouble, seeing that he’s still suspended. Though John explains Lee Ramsey’s work ethics, Marty says, “If you interfere in a federal investigation it could ruin your career.” Shortly after John kisses Marty goodbye, Todd shows up and they head down to the lobby to meet Michael…

Once downstairs, on their way out, a Llanview cop shows up and tells Michael he’s under arrest for perjury! Comically, Todd whispers to John, “Looks like somebody isn’t coming on our road trip.”

Next on One Life to Live:

Gigi shows up on the scene!

Blair becomes Langston's foster parent.

Michael is arrested for lying on the stand!

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