Still at Ron’s apartment, just as John suggests he and Todd work together to find Tommy, Michael appears and asks, “What’s going on, Johnny? You selling me out?” As Todd and Michael argue, John vows to find Marcie with or without them! Suddenly, Lee Ramsey appears and Todd rushes to his side offering to put his people together with Lee’s people – until Lee warns he’ll throw Todd’s people in jail should they interfere in his investigation! After Agent Ramsey kicks them out of Ron’s apartment, Todd has no choice but to team up with John in order to find Tommy! However, it doesn’t mean Todd trusts John. Although John forbids Michael from going with them, Michael insists then John agrees - but Todd warns that Michael better not get in the way!

When Marcie gets pulled over, she initially plans to ‘floor it’ should the cop recognize her! After handing over her license and registration, Marcie rambles something about her and her son returning from ‘grandma’s house’, until the cop asks, “Mrs. Shaw, what kind of a snow job do you think you’re pulling here?” Although Marcie appears to escape troubles after the cop smiles and suggests she can’t be twenty-nine, like her driver’s license says, rather, “Not a day over twenty-three,” Marcie panics when he asks her to step out of the car! Once out of the car, Marcie is put through a few sobriety tests until the officer concludes that she’s not under the influence but that she was driving too slowly due to being overtired. Just as the cop is letting Marcie go, she thanks him for taking care of Tommy and her to which he questions, “I thought your boy’s name is Aaron?” After claiming Tommy is Aaron’s nickname, Marcie escapes the law when the cop allows Marcie to leave! Once in the car, Marcie smiles and says, “Score one for Penny and Aaron Shaw!”

As Jared kisses Sarah at Capricorn, Cris pulls Jared back and warns for him to lay off Sarah! However, Jared infuriates Natalie by accusing her of being jealous that he’s kissing Sarah – and not her! Although Natalie and Cris tell Sarah Jared is using her, Sarah says, “It was just a kiss. It meant nothing! You don’t need to be so protective!” When Jared turns his back on Cris and Natalie and asks Sarah on a date, she accepts! Jared and Sarah then take off, leaving Cris and Natalie beyond irked!

At the cottage, although Nash cleans up Jared’s mess, Jessica says, “We are not Jared’s maid service!” Clearly frustrated, Jessica and Nash know they have to come up with a solution to their ‘Jared’ mess! As Nash expresses being angry at ‘Tess’, Jessica urges him to let his feelings out – and takes the blame, even though she was sic when she was Tess. However, Nash would rather work through all their problems together, without blame. Suddenly, Jessica claims, “We need to play Jared’s game better than he plays himself!” Nash and Jessica plan to drive Jared crazy!

When Jared arrives home, he’s blown away by Nash and Jessica’s lax attitudes! After Jared goes to bed, Jessica tells Nash, “He is not going to know what hit him!”

In Paris, Texas, Viki tends to one of her regular customers – as his waitress! Later, back in the kitchen, Viki gives ‘Moe’ a pep talk about how to run his business then thinks back to how she came to be at the Bonjour Café…

After taking refuge from a storm, two months ago, Viki apparently entered the café and struck up a conversation with a waitress named Noelle. When asked how Viki got to Paris, Texas, Viki remembers back to buying the next flight out of Llanview – to Tulsa, Okalahoma - then just getting in a car and driving. As Noelle’s cranky boss comes out scolding her for bugging the customers, Viki covers for Noelle then listens on as Moe complains about being short staffed! Thinking back to something Dorian had said, “You only have One Life to Live,” Viki volunteers her services! After a bit of persuasion on Viki’s part, Moe finally agrees to hire Viki as a waitress, hands her an apron then says, “Suit up!” Not thinking Viki can handle the job, Moe heads back into the kitchen giggling. Once Noelle gives Viki instructions on how ‘Gigi’s’ (the girl whom she’s covering for) customers are a little rough, Viki surprises everyone by acing the job to which she’s been happy at ever since!

Next on One Life to Live:

Cris tells Sarah that Jared is bad news.

Blair worries John & Todd will kill each other!

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