At the police station, Dorian promises Starr, Cole and Markko that she’ll get Langston back by dinner then goes in to ask Bo for a favor! However, in regards to Langston, Bo doesn’t think he can pull any strings. After Dorian begs for Bo to help, for fear of breaking her word to Langston, Bo then calls the group-home on Dorian’s behalf!

Seated at a table at Capricorn, Blair nods to Natalie and asks Marty, “If that cute little Buchanan can't hold on to John, what makes you think you can?” After Blair says she cares about John, “He’s kind of my to-go guy, like Patrick was…” Marty assures Blair it doesn’t hurt her to talk about Patrick. Suddenly, Blair gets a text from Starr and she and Marty rush off to the police station.

From a dark group-home room, Langston takes a call from Starr and assures her she’s managing… When Markko takes the phone, although Langston tries to be strong, his heart aches for her.

At the LPD, just as Marty and Blair arrive, Bo and Dorian come out of his office with news. Although a social worker agreed to look into Langston’s case, she can’t do so until morning. After Dorian thanks Bo, she takes the phone from Markko, apologizes to Langston for having to spend the night in the group-home then promises, “I swear, you have a home with me.”

From Paris, Viki sends Natalie an email, assuring her she’s having a wonderful time and that the city is quite different than one might expect! Viki goes on to make Natalie understand that she needs to explore all the secrets Paris has to offer… In another email, she elaborates and talks about all the friends she’s made, including a feisty girl named Gigi – one who reminds Viki of Natalie!

When Natalie approaches Jared at Capricorn, she demands his attention! After Natalie briefly looks at an email on her cell from Viki, she promises to give Jared more money than he’s ever seen – if he disappears! When Natalie gets another email from Viki, she tells Jared to, “Hold on,” causing his attention – and his eyes – to fixate on Sarah!

At the bar, Sarah and Cris talk about his life – past and present. Just as Sarah and Cris are making plans to get together later, Cris gets a call from Layla with news about Evangeline, causing Sarah to feel blown off…

After Cris turns his back on Sarah and leaves to talk to Layla privately, Jared approaches Sarah and the two exchange formal introductions… From the table, as Natalie eyes Jared and Sarah, Cris takes a seat and happily tells Natalie about the news from Layla – that Evangeline has shown some small responses to this new therapy! Although Natalie is happy for Cris, she can’t take her eyes off of Sarah and Jared. When Cris follows Natalie’s gaze, he appears disturbed as well… Back at the bar, while talking about Asa, Jared comforts Sarah as she expresses the lingering guilt she still holds where her grandfather is concerned. Suddenly, with Natalie and Cris watching on, Jared leans in for a kiss!

In a café in Paris, Viki is asked to get back to work! Suddenly, we see Viki in a waitress’s outfit! Taking a coffeepot, Viki goes to a table then says, “Welcome to the café, my name is Viki, can I take your order?”

In the auto body shop, after Agent Ramsey threatens to take Ron into police custody, Ron agrees to talk – but not to Ramsey!

Still at Ron’s apartment, John warns Todd and Michael that Agent Ramsey will stop at nothing to bring Marcie in – even if he has to hurt her! Suddenly, John gets a call from Ramsey saying, “Send your brother over to Rocko’s Garage. And don’t even think about coming with him!” Although John hangs up, and tells Michael and Todd Ramsey has Ron, Todd insists on going with Michael! However, once John warns Todd that the only way to find anything out is to follow Ramsey’s rules, Michael heads to the garage – leaving Todd to tell John, “Walsh helped his sister get away… He’s mine!” Just as Todd tries to leave, John stands before him and says, “You’re not going anywhere!” John suggests that he and Todd work together to find his son!

As Ramsey whispers threats into Ron’s ear, Michael arrives and demands to know why Ron lied to him regarding Marcie! After Ron claims not to know where Marcie is now, he demands to talk to Michael in private. Once alone, Ron silently admits to Michael that Marcie and Tommy are okay…Though Michael wants more details, Ron doesn’t divulge any more information but listens on as Michael explains why he didn’t tell Marcie about Tommy’s paternity. Just as Michael informs Ron that they can’t allow Ramsey to find Marcie, the FBI agent appears, instructs his officers to take Ron away then questions Michael, “Obstructing justice is a crime. So, what did he say?” After Michael denies finding anything out from Ron, Ramsey warns he’ll find Michael’s wife – and stop her!

Driving away, Marcie repeats, “I’m Penny Shaw and this is my son Aaron,” then thinks back to happier times with Michael. Looking in the rearview mirror, Marcie promises to always love and take care of Tommy. “It doesn’t matter what your name is,” Marcie cries. “You are my son!” Later, while trying to sing Tommy to sleep, Marcie hears sirens from behind her!

Next on One Life to Live:

Nash & Jessica plot against Jared!

Marcie gets pulled over!

John & Todd work together to find Marcie.

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