In the cottage, as Jared makes himself comfortable, Jessica begins giving him a hard time until Natalie shows up claiming to Jared, “I’m here to offer you what you really want!” Behind Natalie, enters a pizza boy, who Jared invites inside to watch a game on TV! Although Nash is furious, and threatens to call the cops, Natalie hands over a contract to Jared then says, “You got your job back at B.E.” Looking through the contract, stating Jared will never bring up Tess or hurt Natalie’s family again, Jared says, “I can’t work for you. You’re too difficult.” After expressing not ‘liking’ Natalie’s terms, Jared storms out.

Although Nash and Jess are ticked with Jared, Natalie amazingly admits in thought, “He was good at his job…” As Nash and Jessica wonder what to do about Jared, Natalie talks about what Asa would do then appears to have a plan! Natalie rushes out…

Just as Vincent tells Antonio that Talia and Shaun are just ‘for show,’ Layla and Talia approach. While Layla assures Antonio that Talia and Shaun are in fact a couple, Shaun says, “I guess it’s time to come clean.” After Shaun explains that he has commitment issues, and that Talia has always been ‘down’ with him seeing other people, Talia admits to Antonio, “Truth is… I started something that got way out of hand.” Though Talia intended to tell Antonio the truth, Shaun continues covering for her – but then breaks up with Talia, claiming to be anything but a one-woman man! As Vincent giggles, Talia goes along with the break-up then acts as though she’s okay once Shaun, Layla and Vincent leave.

Alone with Antonio, after Talia claims, “Breaking up was inevitable, Antonio shocks her and replies, “I have a confession. I’m not sorry you two broke up.” Antonio explains that Talia deserves better and that she just has to hold out for the right guy.

Across the gym, while Cris and Sarah look at some old boxing pictures of Cris and Evangeline on the wall, Sarah asks about their relationship to which Cris admits Evangeline and he were broken up at the time of her accident. After Cris expresses how he misses the boxing ring, Sarah admits to missing the stage then suggests they both find something new to care about! When Cris offers to teach Sarah how to box, she accepts then allows Cris to show her the perfect boxing stance! Later, though Sarah says she should get to work, Cris convinces her to stay and workout!

At Capricorn, Marty approaches Blair wanting to talk about Todd’s son. Asking for Blair’s help, Marty begs her to convince Todd to forgive Marcie and Michael. Although Blair initially snaps at Marty’s forwardness, she realizes Marty has a point – and that it’s best for Tommy if they all get along. However, Blair reminds Marty that until Todd is reunited with his son, nothing else matters now. Blairs also points out that if it wasn’t for Marty's ‘thing’ with John, she wouldn’t be butting her nose into Todd’s business!

While Michael and John are inside a surveillance truck, Todd appears and demands to be a part of their operation. After John gets a call, he leaves the truck to which Todd warns Michael he’s going to go down for lying on the stand! Although Todd continues to bash Marcie, Michael reminds Todd of what a good mother she’s been to Tommy. Briefly, Michael fills Todd in on all Tommy has accomplished in his young life then appeals to Todd, “Be the father that Tommy deserves.”

With the company of an old cop friend, John kicks in Ron’s door on the lookout for Marcie! While John is looking the place over, his buddy finds Tommy’s cup! After John smells that its contents are fresh, he knows it hasn’t been long since Marcie left Ron’s! Suddenly, John’s old rival FBI Agent Lee Ramsey shows up and warns if John comes within inches of this case again, “I’ll make it so you never wear a badge again!” While Lee is looking around, John deletes something on Ron’s laptop – but tells Lee that Ron had been on the Internet earlier looking up a number for an auto body shop! Though Lee reprimands John to stay at Ron’s apartment, he ignores John’s plea for Marcie and vows to treat her like a criminal!

Dressed in disguise, Ron warns Marcie that if she goes through with her plan, Marcie Walsh McBain will no longer exist. After Ron hands Marcie some passports, he instructs her with, “You and Tommy are now Penny and Aaron Shaw.” Later, with Marcie in full disguise, Ron gives her some money and insists that she never try to pay him back once she makes it out of the country. Handing Marcie an envelope, one she’s to open when she gets faraway from here, Ron and Marcie finally say a tearful goodbye.

Later, still at the auto body shop, the door is kicked in and Ron is asked to freeze by Agent Ramsey! After Lee’s men come up empty in their search, Lee puts Ron under arrest!

Driving away from her captures, Marcie repeats, “Hi, I’m Penny Shaw, and this is my son Aaron…” over and over again…

Next on One Life to Live:

Marty & Blair take a look back in time.

John tries to reason with Todd.

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