At the apartment, after Sarah boosts to Layla about surprising Cris with Timbaland, Layla questions if Sarah and Cris are an item! Although Sarah claims there’s nothing between her and Cris, Layla sadly informs her that Cris and Evangeline were broken up before she fell into a coma. Before they can talk any further, Talia shows up! Although Talia tries to be secretive, Sarah sees right through her – and her crush on Antonio! Once Talia admits her feelings for Antonio – and how Shaun got pulled into this – Sarah gives Talia some advice by telling her to make Antonio jealous with George! Seeing Talia frustrated, Layla suggests they all go to a kickboxing class at the gym…

When Antonio arrives at the gym, he briefly says hello to Vincent and ‘George’ then goes to Cris and asks, “So, what’s the deal with you and Sarah?” Changing the conversation, Cris questions Antonio about Talia and Shaun to which Antonio can’t understand the relationship. Just as Antonio talks about how Talia claims to be into George – as he is to her – Cris nods to Shaun then questions it!

Over talk of ‘the George thing,’ Vincent tells Shaun he doesn’t know what Talia is trying to cover-up. Just then, a woman begins flirting with Shaun – and he reciprocates the flirtation!

Feeling as though Shaun is betraying Talia, Antonio confronts him and snaps, “Talia is in love with you. Why are you doing this to her.” After Vincent laughs, Shaun says, “Maybe she is,” which leaves Antonio demanding to know, “What’s going on?” However, Vincent pulls Shaun to the side and warns him not to blow this – for fear that Layla will be ticked! Back with Antonio, Cris can’t get over how upset his brother is getting over Talia! After Antonio sees Shaun giving the girl he was flirting with his phone number, Antonio makes a comment about telling Talia what a jerk he is! Having had enough, Vincent sticks up for his best friend and spills the beans that Talia and George are just for show! From the gym doorway, Sarah, Talia and Layla overhear it all!

After Bo and Nora arrive at St. Ann’s to hear that Lindsay ‘came to’ after a visit from Dorian, Bo begs Nora not to jump the gun with her suspicions! Once Lindsay is brought to meet with them, Nora is still unsure if Lindsay is faking it and leaves Bo to visit with her – while Nora goes to find Dorian!

Alone with Bo, Lindsay takes responsibility for everything she did and vows to serve her ‘time.’ Amazingly, Bo reminds Lindsay that she has defense and that she needs to fight this! Bo vows to see Lindsay through this then warns her to watch what she says to Nora!

In the park, although Langston refuses to go with the social worker, the woman claims Langston is now a ward of the state! Suddenly, Starr looks at Britney and accuses, “You’re the one who called child services,” then lunges for Britney, taking her to the ground! After Starr is pulled off Britney, Britney smugly admits to calling social services then watches as Langston is about to be taken away… “Langston,” Starr calls out. “Just wait…”

At the mansion, although Dorian tells Clint about Langston, he still wonders if Dorian feels the same about their relationship as he does. Just as Clint starts to leave, Dorian pulls him close in a kiss! As Dorian smiles, and reminds Clint that although she loved ‘the chase’ with David, she now needs a man, Starr calls to say, “Langston’s in trouble!” After Dorian has to leave, Clint understands but can’t help feeling blown off yet again.

Later, on Clint’s way out of Dorian’s, Nora arrives and explains how after Dorian paid Lindsay a visit she suddenly came out of her cationic state! Clint realizes whatever happened with Lindsay was just one more thing that Dorian didn’t tell him about!

Back at the park, although the social worker wants to leave – now – she takes a phone call, leaving Starr to remind Britney, “At least Langston’s parents loved her, unlike yours who can’t wait to ship you off to boarding school! And I don't blame them!” After Britney leaves, Dorian arrives and tries to claim Langston as her own now. However, the social worker warns that if Dorian doesn’t turn Langston over to the state, she’ll have her arrested! Although she has no choice but to turn Langston over, Dorian promises to fight for her then watches on as Langston hugs her friends goodbye.

Next on One Life to Live:

Shaun tells Talia it's time to explain some things to Antonio!

Cris is drawn to Sarah.

Ron is arrested!

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