In the park, although Markko thinks Langston is about to break up with him, she assures him ‘this’ isn’t about him then says, “I’ve been lying to you since the first day we met. My parents didn’t just die yesterday. It’s been over a year. What do you think of me now?” When Markko asks if Langston would have told him the truth – had Dorian not found out – Langston replies, “I would have kept on going like I was.” Over more talk of Langston’s life, Markko takes her hand, tells Langston he loves her then talks about this nerdy kid she used to pick on in grade school - him! Knowing they are both different people now, Markko vows to stand by Langston’s side to which Langston admits, “I love you.”

At school, with Britney listening in, Starr tells Cole the whole story about Langston. As Cole and Starr decide to be there for Langston, and make sure everything is going to be okay for her, Britney has other plans! Although Starr feels bad for not realizing what was going on in Langston’s life, Britney silently mocks Starr’s words then quickly leaves... Later, as Britney is saying goodbye to one of her friends, Starr and Cole briefly stop to let Britney know she’s not worth their time – or goodbyes! After Starr and Cole leave, Britney tells her friend she has a plan then says, “One little phone call and I come out on top!”

Later, when Britney runs into Markko, Langston, Starr and Cole in the park, she picks on Langston about her make-believe parents then vows to get the last laugh! Suddenly, social services shows up and tells Langston she’s going to have to, “Come with us.” From the crowd, Britney is pleased with herself.

Just as Dorian wraps up a phone call with her lawyer concerning Langston, Clint arrives and is angry that Dorian never called him after standing him up for dinner! After Dorian refuses to grovel for Clint’s forgiveness, and accuses him of wanting control over her, they argue for a bit more to which Dorian admits of their relationship, “Maybe we can’t pull this thing off.” After Dorian tells Clint of a ‘problem’ she’s working on, and how she didn’t call him because she was preoccupied, she doesn’t appreciate him coming over in a ‘mood’ with expectations of her – ones Dorian is not sure she likes. However, Clint admits, “I do have expectations of you… Because I love you.” However, Dorian suggests they need to ‘think’ about where their relationship is going.

Still at Michael’s, Rex comes up with an idea to help Marcie ‘not’ come home – but to stay away – and suggests Michael leave the country with her! However, Michael knows they could never live a life on the run and Adriana reminds Rex that Todd will never give up looking for Tommy.

From Ron’s couch, Marcie watches the news and learns that the FBI is now on her tail – and that she’s at risk of being indicted when captured! After Roxy appears onscreen, and kicks the reporter out of her hotel, Ron turns off his TV and begs Marcie to go home to Michael. Although Ron reminds Marcie she’s taking Tommy away from Michael too, Marcie doesn’t care about anyone but Tommy then says, “I don’t care about Michael anymore!”

Back in Llanview, Roxy takes the microphone from the reporter and vows to stand behind Marcie and Michael McBain. After the reporter calls Roxy out on her part in the Buchanan baby switch twenty years ago, she starts accusing Roxy of helping Marcie escape! When the reporter refuses to leave, Miles comes to Roxy’s rescue and warns them to go! However, after Roxy says Miles’s name, the reporter blames Miles as being the person behind the whole mess surrounding Tommy! Just then, Rex shows up and asks the reporter – and her cameraman – to come with him! Once alone, Roxy thanks Miles for coming to her rescue then agrees to payback the favor someday.

As Miles and Roxy get acquainted and joke about completing their community service together, an FBI agent named Lee Ramsey shows up and wants to speak to Roxy! After Roxy is asked a few questions about the McBain’s, talk of John comes up – and how he’s directly related to the baby Tommy case. Once the agent appears to have the info he was after, Roxy looks at Miles and asks, “Did I say something wrong?”

Back in Michael’s apartment, in front of the cameras, Michael reaches out to Marcie and says, “Marcie, wherever you are… I love you.” As Michael pleads his love to his wife, Marcie watches on from Ron’s couch but shakes her head no when Michael begs her to, “Save us, Marcie. You’re the only one who can.” Despite Michael’s plea, Marcie asks Ron to help her and Tommy disappear…

Next on One Life to Live:

Clint turns to Nora for advice!

Starr snaps at Britney for her part in Langston's troubles!

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