At the vineyard, Jared whips out the agreement he signed with Antonio, saying he owns 51% of all the land and buildings! When Jess asks if he’s throwing out Nash and her, Jared says, “Nope, I’m moving in!” Although Jared challenges Natalie to object to what the contract say, she calls him a spoiled brat to which Jared claims, “You’re just mad because you liked it when I kissed you.” Just as Nash demands that Jared get off his couch, Jared stands, pulls his shirt over his head then strolls off to take a shower – since he owns 51% of the bathroom!

Knowing the only solution they have is for Natalie to give Jared his job back, despite Nash and Jess’s objection, Natalie insists. When Jared emerges in a towel, asking for more shampoo, Jess tries to get through to him but fails. Although Jessica begs Nash to let her buy out Jared’s 51%, he refuses and says, “There’s got to be another way to beat Jared Banks at his game.” However, Jared appears again and warns that they won’t win!

Although Starr and Dorian think having Langston move in with them is a good idea, Blair reminds them there are things they all need to consider. With talk of legal aspects, Blair wonders if Langston’s parents appointed a guardian in their will. However, Starr worries what’ll happen to Langston if there are no guardians involved! Although Langston wants to go to school, she worries how everyone – Markko – will react to finding out how long she’s kept the secret. After Starr promises to stand by her side, Blair excuses them for school – then scolds Dorian for getting Langston’s hopes up with her open promises!

Over talk of parenting, Dorian reminds Blair of her own problems then asks if she’s really going to be able to mother the child of Margaret Cochran! Although Blair expresses just wanting Todd to find his son, she can also understand why Marcie ran off. Later, Dorian tries to make arrangements for Langston to open her parent’s safety deposit box.

When Cole asks Markko how his parents liked Langston, Markko explains that the dinner didn’t happen and that Langston’s parents died in a car accident! Around the corner, Britney excitingly tells her friend that she’ll be transferring soon to a boarding school. After briefly glancing at Cole and Markko, Britney claims she has a few weeks left to finish up her work in Llanview.

Right before Starr and Langston show up, Britney overhears Markko and Cole talking about Langston’s parents! After Britney gives Langston her condolences, Britney tells them about her new school. Though Starr says they won’t be sorry to see her go, Britney replies, “But you will be sorry.” Once Britney stomps off, after Markko asks Langston when the funeral is, Langston replies, “There’s more to this than I’ve told you.”

After Langston leads Markko away to talk, Starr breaks the news to Cole that Langston’s parents have been dead for more than a year to which Langston's been living alone and covering it up. Unbeknownst to them, Britney is right around the corner and overhears Starr’s confession!

At the apartment, Michael is beside himself with worry as he watches an old video of Marcie and Tommy. When Rex and Adriana arrive, they try to reassure Michael that Marcie will soon come to her senses and come home to him. However, after Michael tells them Marcie found out that he knew about Tommy’s paternity, he says, “No matter what, I lost my wife.” After Michael assures Rex that Marcie didn’t say anything publicly about Rex knowing, he goes back to the TV and watches the video of Marcie and Tommy. Suddenly, a cop shows up and announces that the FBI is taking over the case! With worry for Marcie’s safety, Rex tells Michael, “I might know a way to bring Marcie home.”

Just as Marcie tells Ron she refuses to go home and turn her son over to Todd Manning, Todd shows up at the door and tells Ron, “I’m here to pick up my son.” As Ron denies Marcie’s presence, Marcie listens on as Todd refuses to leave until he looks around himself! After Ron slams the door on Todd, Todd nods to his accomplices, then follows them into Ron’s apartment. While the two hired hands are holding Ron by the throat, Todd demands his cronies to, “Search the place!” With Marcie and Tommy hiding out in the closet, Ron eyes a toy of Tommy’s on the couch! After Ron hides the toy, Todd’s men assure Todd that there’s no trace of Marcie or Tommy there. With one last look, reluctantly, Todd leaves…

Once the coast is clear, Ron reminds Marcie that it’s not safe there then says, “You have to go home.” When their father calls, Ron doesn’t tell him that Marcie is there then asks Marcie, “Are you really prepared to say good-bye to all the people who love you – forever?” Again, in tears, Marcie refuses to return to Llanview.

When Todd arrives home to the mansion, he tells Blair that although he didn’t find Marcie, he has a feeling Ron knows more than he’s letting on.

Next on One Life to Live:

Langston is taken away by social services - Thanks to Britney!

Dorian & Clint reach another hurdle!

Rex gives Michael some advice.

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