At the mansion, after Todd places a call instructing ‘someone’ to find Marcie, he expresses to Blair how hard it is losing Tommy – again. After Todd leaves, although Blair reminds Dorian that they are going to have to call social services, Dorian refuses to submit Langston to the drama right now. Smiling, Blair tells Dorian how lucky Langston is to have her!

Upstairs, Starr awakes to find Langston crying and holding a picture of her parents. Starr holds Langston close, unable to imagine losing her own parents. When Langston worries how Markko will react once he finds out Langston has been lying for so long, Starr is determined to help Langston make him understand. Over talk of Starr’s new brother, Starr assures her friend she’s part of their family as well.

Just as Starr leaves Langston to some time alone, Dorian comes in to check on Langston, who dreads having everyone finding out her secret. After Langston expresses how hard it’s going to be telling Markko the whole story, Dorian says, “He was here this morning. I told him you’d get a hold of him when you were ready.” Langston smiles with appreciation and says, “Thanks.”

Downstairs, after Blair tells Starr that Marcie ran off with Tommy, they pray Marcie will stay sane enough to keep Tommy safe! Later, although Blair is trying to remain calm, regarding Todd’s situation with Tommy, Dorian sees Blair’s nerves unraveling… Suddenly, Starr and Langston join Dorian and Blair back in the kitchen and Starr announces, “I think Langston should live with us.”

Still at the apartment, although Bo has to remind John that he’s suspended, he agrees with some of John’s cop instants. Although Bo claims Marcie’s family is saying they haven’t heard from her, he suggests that Michael give her father and brothers a call just in case.

In New Jersey, Marcie’s brother Ron warns that if Marcie doesn’t go back to Michael, he’s going to call Michael himself and tell him where she is! Although Ron tries to get Marcie to do the right thing, and reminds her she’s committing a crime, Marcie refuses and says, “I’m never going back there!” Just then, the phone rings with a Llanview area code on the caller ID! When Ron picks up, he lies to Michael and claims he hasn’t seen Marcie – but will call should she show up. However, after he hangs up, Ron once again begs his sister to turn herself in to which Marcie replies, “I will not turn my son into Todd Manning.” Sadly, Ron and Marcie realize if she goes on the run they may never see each other again. After Marcie begs for Ron’s help, Ron reluctantly agrees to hide her out…

As Michael hangs up the phone, Todd barges into the apartment. Although Michael relays Ron’s claim, Todd insists Ron is hiding out Marcie! As a cop distracts Bo with a false sighting of Marcie’s car, Todd sees a list of addresses and quickly stashes them inside his coat! After Todd demands he wants hourly updates, he leaves.

Although Bo finds Todd's sudden departure suspicious, John waits till Michael leaves the room then agrees, “If Manning found something, he’s going to follow up on it by himself – without telling anyone else.” Across the room, looking at a family photo, Michael says, “Please… Please come home.”

Outside Ron’s apartment door, Todd approaches while looking around the vicinity!

After Clint leaves a message for Dorian to call him, Natalie arrives at Asa’s and happily tells Clint how she fired Jared! Although Clint acts as though Natalie should have consulted with someone ‘higher up,’ over tea, Nigel doesn’t hold back and voices his opinions of Jared, “I didn’t have a good feeling about him.” As Clint continues to wonder why Natalie would fire someone she just hired – without his permission – Natalie sticks to her decision then storms out!

Alone with Nigel and Nora, Clint rants on a bit more about Jared. After Nigel leaves the room, talk of Dorian comes up to which Nora snaps at Clint for allowing Dorian to blow him off last night! Realizing Nora's right, Clint forgets about Dorian and suggests he and Nora hit the kitchen and whip up a fried breakfast!

When Jared arrives at the vineyard, he warns Nash that if he doesn’t get him his job back, Jared will turn Jessica in! As Jessica walks into the room, she practically ignores Jared’s threats and resumes her breakfast with Nash – until Nash can’t take anymore of Jared’s mouth, jumps up and grabs him by the shirt!

Just as Jessica stands tall to Jared, and refuses to let him bully her, Natalie shows up! After Natalie rehashes all that went on between her and Jared, and how he wants her job at B.E., she brings up how Jared even went to visit Renee! Though Nash tries to throw Jared out, Jared reminds them all, “I own this place.”

Next on One Life to Live:

With Marcie and Tommy gone, Michael is beside himself.

Marcie hides out as Todd confronts Ron!

Ron's apartment is broken into!

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