Once Michael gets Marcie on the phone, although she assures Michael that Tommy and she are okay, Michael begs her to come home now! Though John gets on the phone and warns Marcie of the ramifications of her running off with Tommy, and promises if she returns there won’t be any trouble, Marcie demands to talk to Michael again then asks, “What is there for me to come home to, huh, Mike?” As Michael pledges his love to Marcie, she starts crying and says, “I can’t talk right now. I’ll have to call you back.” After Marcie hangs up, although Todd tells Bo to call the FBI, Bo refuses and hopes Marcie will come back on her own. Pulling John aside, when Michael asks if Marcie will go to jail should she come home, John replies, “It’s in Marcie’s hands now.”

Driving, in tears, although Marcie is scared, and doesn’t know where to go, she has a revelation, calls Michael and says, “I’ve made a decision.” Suddenly, Todd grabs the phone from Michael and begins threatening Marcie, “You bring my son back! You’re never going to see him again!” Marcie hangs up... By the time Michael gets the phone from Todd, Marcie has already screamed, “No! He’s my son! I’m never coming back!” Not getting any help from Bo, Todd vows to find his son without him then leaves! Once alone, John warns Michael just how much trouble Marcie will really be in – especially if she crosses the state line.

In her car, singing to Tommy, Marcie see a sign reading ‘Welcome to New Jersey’ then assures Tommy everything is going to be okay, “We’re doing the right thing.” Shortly after, Marcie stands outside an apartment door holding Tommy. Once the door opens, Marcie smiles and says, “Hey, I need your help.”

When Dorian and Langston arrive back at the mansion, Langston confides in Starr and Blair and says, “I’ve been lying to you guys. My parents… They’re dead.” After taking a seat at the table, Starr takes Langston’s hand as Dorian urges her to talk about her parents. Once Blair and Starr hear Langston's story, and see her tears, Starr holds her friend close as Blair takes Langston’s hand in hers. Later, over talk of Todd winning his custody case, Langston apologizes for ruining their good time then says, “I should get going.” However, Dorian won’t hear of it, and insists Langston stay at the mansion! After Langston thanks Dorian and Blair, Starr takes her upstairs…

Once alone, Dorian and Blair talk about Langston’s situation, and how Dorian found out, to which Blair says, “She has us, but you know we’re going to have to tell someone about this.”

Upstairs, after Langston explains why she hid the truth, Starr reminds Langston that she can always tell her anything! Although Langston is relieved that the truth is out, she worries for what’ll happen next. Not wanting Langston to be alone, Starr invites her to sleep in her room for the night.

Following Natalie back to her office, Jared apologizes to a furious Natalie who wasn’t impressed with her night out with Jared. After Jared assures Natalie he’ll take care of a certain report, and also encourages her to go home and rest, Natalie thinks he’s up to something and accuses Jared of wanting all the credit – and her job! Although Natalie claims her position at B.E. warrants more than just having the Buchanan last name, Jared continues to infuriate her with his arrogant comments! Being serious, Jared brings Natalie back in time and rehashes how he was trying to make something of himself – that is until Jessica came along! Extending an olive branch, Natalie suggests they start over and call a truce to which Jared agrees. Although Natalie extends her hand for a friendly handshake, Jared pulls Natalie in a kiss. “What the…” Natalie screams. “You’re fired!” Though Jared reminds Natalie he’ll call the Atlantic City PD on Jessica, Natalie holds her ground and says, “Get out!”

At the mansion, when Nora takes a jab at Dorian’s character to Clint, Clint defends Dorian, causing Nora to question how serious their relationship has gotten. After Clint expresses his feelings for Dorian, Nora and Clint admit how they’ve always seen the other with someone else: Nora with Bo and Clint with Viki.

Just as Nora is about to tell Clint she’s made a decision regarding where she and Matthew will live, Matthew appears and wants his say in the matter! Matthew explains that he doesn’t want to stay at the mansion because of all the cool stuff but rather to be close to their family – at grandpa’s house, a house already filled with memories. After Renee, Clint and Nigel chime in their desire to have Nora and Matthew stay, Nora agrees to move into the mansion for good! With talk of a celebratory party, Renee suggests inviting ‘the nice young man’ who Natalie just hired at B.E. with hopes they’ll hit it off! After Renee leaves, Nigel shares with Clint his suspicions regarding Jared. Later, Bo arrives to give Nora the news about Marcie and Tommy.

Although Todd arrives at the mansion and tells Blair and Dorian that Marcie kidnapped his son, he vows, “Don’t worry, she’s not going to get away with this!”

Next on One Life to Live:

Nora & Clint bond.

Todd is determined to get Tommy back.

Marcie contacts her brother Ron.

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