Still at Michael’s apartment, when Todd realizes Marcie stole his son, he orders the cops to find him! After the cops leave, Todd accuses Michael of knowing what Marcie was up to – and even accuses the social worker of the same! As Todd keeps badmouthing Marcie, Michael slams him into the wall until the cops come back to report that Marcie’s car is missing! “You better find her, Michael,” Todd says, “You better find her now!” Knowing Todd will make good on his threats, Michael tries to call Marcie…

In the courtroom, John informs Bo that Tommy was taken away from Michael and Marcie – and given back to Todd! Over talk of the judge’s decision, John says, “It’s over, it’s done.” John then tells Bo that Michael and Marcie are giving up Tommy as they speak. Although Bo feels for the McBain’s, he admits that Todd does love his kids. However, John can’t find anything ‘right’ about the situation to which Bo warns, “I know this hurts, but you have to stay out of it.” Just then, Bo and John get news that Marcie has taken Tommy! Bo and John rush off!

Somewhere in the night, Marcie races away from Llanview with Tommy safely in his car seat! Through tears, Marcie promises Tommy that everything is going to be all right but admits, “I just couldn’t hand you over to a man who you don’t know.” Although Marcie looks at her cell phone as it begins to ring, she doesn’t answer it! Suddenly, when Marcie hears the siren and sees the blue and red lights erupt through her rearview mirror, she puts the gas pedal to the floor! Luckily, the cop has a different target and passes Marcie, leaving Marcie relieved – and more determined to take Tommy away for good as she thinks back on Michael’s lies. Looking at Tommy through the rearview mirror, Marcie promises, “One day you'll know this was for the best.”

When John and Bo arrive at Michael’s, Bo needs to remind John, “It’s not your case.” As Todd rants on, Bo asks Michael to call Marcie again. However, Michael only gets her voicemail, causing Todd to scream, “He knows exactly where she is! Arrest him and make him give her up!” Although Todd wants Marcie charged, Bo begs for Todd to have some compassion an orders Michael to call Marcie again! As Todd starts babbling off headlines for tomorrow's Sun, Bo puts an APB out on Marcie McBain! After Bo excuses the social worker, although Michael promises Todd he’ll get his son back, Todd warns, “Marcie is a criminal – just like you! If she crosses that state line, she’s going to go down for a longtime.” Todd threatens to contact the FBI!

Staring up at a sign for the New Jersey Turnpike, Marcie smiles and says, “Just what I was looking for.” As her phone rings once again, knowing Michael won’t stop calling unless she answers, Marcie puts the phone on speaker and says, “Hello, Michael,” to which Michael replies, “Marcie! Thank God.”

At the mansion, Starr and Jack are overjoyed to hear that their baby brother is coming home tonight! After Blair takes Jack upstairs to look for some things for Tommy, Starr and Cole are left to make a celebratory cake! Alone, although Cole is happy for Starr and her family, he worries about what Marcie is going through to which Starr says, “If you want to feel sorry for her, that’s fine. But keep it to yourself. I don’t want to hear about that.” As Cole tries to make Starr understand where he’s coming from, Blair and Jack rejoin them. After Cole says he should leave before Todd gets back, because the reunion should be a ‘family thing,’ he and Starr come to an understanding to which they then exchange ‘I love you’s.

After Langston sets down the picture of her parents, Dorian assures her she’s not alone and says, “Of course you’re going to always miss your parents. It must have been awful for you. Now that the secret is out, I’m sure, with time…” Suddenly, Langston snaps, “I’ll never be all right again,” then runs upstairs. When Dorian finds Langston sitting on the staircase, Langston continues to lash out at her in tears!

Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. Although Dorian assures Markko that Langston is okay, he refuses to leave until seeing for himself! After Markko pushes his way in, Dorian urges Langston to confide in Markko to which Langston says, “There was an accident… My parents are dead.” Markko quickly takes Langston in his arms then offers her a place to stay – unless she has relatives to call on. Just as Langston says, “No… There’s no one,” Dorian comes to her side and replies, “That’s where you’re wrong. There’s me.” Although Markko wants to make sure Langston is okay with going home with Dorian, Langston says yes then agrees to go back to the mansion. Once Markko is gone, Langston says to Dorian, “I didn’t know what to tell him, didn’t know what to say.”

Still waiting for Todd to return home with Tommy, Blair and Starr worry that something went wrong. As they talk about Marcie and Michael, and how sad the situation is, Blair reminds Starr how Todd reacts when he feels as though he’s been wronged. After Blair leaves a message for Todd to call her, Dorian and Langston arrive to which Starr asks, “Langston, are you okay?”

Next on One Life to Live:

Nora finally makes definite living arrangements.

Michael & John beg Marcie to return Tommy to Llanview.

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