Although Langston tries to throw Dorian out of her house – and even threatens to call the cops - Dorian refuses to leave and says, “It’s time for you to face that your parents are never coming home.” As Langston screams, “No, don’t say that,” Dorian finishes, “Because they’re dead.” After Dorian shows Langston the award letter, she explains how she found out about the Wilde’s death and sympathizes with Langston for all she’s gone through. Suddenly, Langston begins to open up and tells Dorian about how her parents were on their way home when the car accident happened, and how she received a call saying they were dead… For the first time, Langston sobs uncontrollably to which Dorian holds her close and urges, “There’s no one else here… Get it out.” Later, Langston tells Dorian how she’s been able to survive all this time and admits she’s kept quiet for fear of being taken away by foster care. Just when Langston thinks she’s all-alone, Dorian says, “You’re wrong…"

In the courtroom, although the judge praises Marcie and Michael for being good parents, he ultimately awards custody to Todd! As Todd rejoices, Marcie buckles over in grief then stand and screams, “No! You don’t love my son!” After the judge demands for Marcie to sit, he tells Todd he can pick up Tommy tonight! Once court is adjourned, Marcie blames Michael and says, “You knew about this for months and you didn’t tell me!” Overhearing, Todd screams, “You knew about this, McBain!”

Although Todd tries to follow Michael, who is racing after a fleeing Marcie, John steps before Todd and warns, “If you take one more step forward, I’ll drop you.” However, Todd reminds John of how Michael just perjured himself, then warns how he’s going to make sure Michael gets what’s coming to him! Suddenly, social services shows up and insists on going with Todd to pick up Tommy – as does John! However, after Marty pulls John aside, she makes him realize it’s best if he allows Michael and Marcie to do this alone…

At Dorian’s, Starr talks to Cole about how ‘not normal’ her family is but admits that she never stops hoping they can one day be normal. Just then, Blair arrives and gives Starr the good news that Todd is on his way home with Tommy!

At the apartment, while babysitting Tommy, Roxy tells Tommy, “No matter what happens in court today, someone’s going to do right by you.” Later, when Michael and Marcie arrive home, Roxy is sad to hear the news but leaves the McBain’s alone…

While Tommy sleeps, although Michael tries to calm Marcie and reminds her that they need to say goodbye to Tommy, Marcie refuses then says, “I regret that I married a man who didn’t think enough of me to tell me the truth about the most important thing in my life!” Clearly hurt, Michael leaves Marcie’s side and heads into Tommy’s bedroom to say goodbye…

In Tommy’s room, Michael holds Tommy close and tearfully says goodbye. Suddenly, Marcie comes in, takes Tommy then says, “I want to be alone with him. You had your time, now I want mine!” After Michael waits outside the door, Marcie rocks Tommy in her arms and places a comforting kiss to his forehead.

Shortly after, when Todd arrives to pick up Tommy, he finds Michael out in the hallway – and the door to the apartment locked! Although Michael pleads for Marcie to open up, along with Todd yelling, “Give me my kid,” Marcie continues holding Tommy close…

After Marcie refuses to open the door, not being able to take it any longer, Todd busts down the door and finds the apartment empty! Todd quickly rushes to look out Tommy’s opened bedroom window…

When Jess arrives home, she finds Nash dancing to his iPod tunes! As Jess picks on Nash, he warns, “You better be nice or I’m not taking you on our date tonight!” Although Jess is excited about seeing Timbaland, she isn’t too keen about going to Antonio’s club. After Nash briefly informs Jess that Viki sent her an email, they decide it's best not to go to Capricorn.

At Capricorn, as Shaun brings Talia a drink, Antonio approaches and invites them to sit at his table during Timbaland's performance. After they accept, Shaun leaves to talk to Vincent to which Antonio asks Talia, “Are you happy?” In order to keep her secret crush from Antonio, Talia lies and says, “Yes.”

Across the room, when Natalie asks Cris to get her a good table, Jared appears and claims to be her date – and wants a good seat too! Though Natalie objects, Jared follows her to a front row table! Later, after Jared continues to tick Natalie off, she pours her drink down Jared’s lap then heads to get another one!

After Cris insists that Sarah introduce Timbaland, she takes the stage and gets the crowd pumped as Timbaland comes out and rocks Capricorn – along with Keri Hilson and One Republic – with his new hit single “The Way I Are!”

During a break, after Timbaland leaves the stage, Roxy shows up and informs Adriana and Rex that Michael and Marcie lost the custody case. Later, Timbaland again takes the stage to introduce his band One Republic as they sing their new hit “Apologize.”

As the music plays, throughout Llanview… Langston holds a picture of her parents close, as Dorian hold her even closer… Marty comforts John has he grieves for his family… And Marcie drives out of Llanview – with Tommy!

Next on One Life to Live:

At Dorian's persuasion, Langston goes home with her.

Todd flips out after hearing Marcie ran off with Tommy!

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