Just as Clint arrives at Buchanan Enterprises to discuss why Jared’s name is on a report of his, Jared enters Natalie’s office saying, “Hey, Sparky, take a look at this!” Needless to say, Clint wants to know who Sparky is – better yet, who Jared is! After introductions, Natalie explains how she hired Jared to which Clint replies, “I’m sure you had your reasons, but next time share them with me.” Though Natalie tries to ease Clint’s suspicions by saying Jared is a longtime friend of Jessica’s, Clint wants to know how he knows his other daughter! Jared manages to wiggle his way out of being cornered, which seems to satisfy Clint.

After Clint leaves, although Natalie is irritated about the run-in with her father, Jared thinks it went well then asks Natalie to go to dinner with him – to Capricorn to see Timbaland! As Natalie smiles, happy for ‘Cris’, she’s forced to reveal that Cris was once her husband. Although Natalie agrees to go see Timbaland at Capricorn, she reminds Jared they’ll be returning to BE later to work!

When Layla, Vincent and Shaun arrive at Capricorn, Shaun can’t wait till his woman arrives! Just then, Talia strolls in to which Shaun sweeps her off her feet in an attempt to keep up the act! As Layla quickly pulls Talia aside and apologizes for Shaun’s overacting behavior, Talia blames herself for lying to Antonio in the first place. While Talia goes to talk to Antonio, Layla warns Shaun not to use this situation to his advantage!

While stocking the bar for their big night, Cris admits to Antonio, “I haven’t been with a woman since…” Just then, Sarah approaches and reminds them, “Hurry up and stock the bar! There’s a line around the corner!”

Later, Cris makes a point to thank Sarah for everything then admits it’s a little quiet without her at the loft.

As Adriana and Rex take a seat at the bar, Rex tells her about Dorian hiring him to look into Langston’s home life. Although Adriana thinks Dorian is meddling, Rex says she appeared truly concerned.

Although Antonio gives Talia a chance to fess up when he asks why she didn’t tell him about Shaun before, Talia doesn’t – and continues to act as though Shaun is her George! After Antonio expresses that all he wants is for Talia to be happy, he leaves her side. When Shaun approaches with a drink, Talia quickly downs it!

At Dorian’s, after Dorian asks Starr and Cole if they know where Langston is, Cole and Starr talk to Dorian about Langston’s life, her lack of supervision and how upset Langston gets every time they bring it up. As Dorian listens on sadly, Starr asks, “Is there something you know that I don’t?” After Dorian claims to be worried about Langston, talk of Todd’s court case comes up.

After Dorian leaves, Starr grabs some menus wondering what to order for lunch. However, Cole says, “I have a better idea.” As Cole and Starr prepare a meal together, Cole fills Starr in on how Markko really feels about Langston – just like he feels about Starr!

Back at Langston’s, although Langston is worried about meeting Markko’s parents, he replies, “Don’t worry, they are going to love you as much as I do.” In shock, Langston replies, “What did you just say?” After Markko further expresses his feelings, Langston takes Markko in a kiss! Once Markko leaves to let Langston get ready, Langston picks up a picture of her mom and says, “Did you hear that, mom? He loves me…”

Suddenly, Dorian arrives at Langston’s and invites herself in! Although Langston insists her parents are out of the country, Dorian says, “I know the truth about your parents.”

When Marcie and Michael arrive in the courtroom, Todd faces them and tells Blair, “I’m not letting my kid go home with those people.” As Todd’s lawyer calms him, Judy warns Michael and Marcie not to stress out. After Judy leaves their side, Marcie informs Michael that she may not be able to get past his deception. Suddenly, Todd, Blair and his lawyer approach them! “I want to make you an offer,” Todd says. Although Todd offers to drop the case and share custody of Tommy, Marcie turns him down – despite Michael’s plea for her to consider it!

Still on Llantano Mountain, relaxing in the afternoon sunlight, John gets a call from Michael saying the judge has come to a decision. After John promises Marty a raincheck, they pack up their things and head back to Llanview…

Before the judge calls court to order, John arrives to which Marcie wants to know, “Do you want to tell me how long you’ve known about my son?” Just then, the judge begins stating his decision on what he thinks is best for Tommy… As the judge rehashes both sides of the case, both pros and cons, he continues, “My decision is final. I hope that those who love Tommy will accept it and make peace with it.”

Next on One Life to Live:

Timbaland performs at Capricorn!

Tommy's fate is sealed!

Dorian reaches out to Langston.

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