After Dorian tears open the letter from Langston’s house, she tells Rex, “This is ridiculous!” Although the letter states that Langston’s parents are receiving an award for traveling the world, and helping others, Dorian thinks they should be held accountable for neglecting their own daughter! Dorian dismisses Rex and says, “I’ll take it from here. I’m going to make things right for that child.” After Rex leaves, Dorian again looks at the letter then calls the organization that is supposed to give Langston’s parents the award and demands that they revoke it! “What?” Dorian asks the person on the other line. “Are you sure? How is that possible?”

At Capricorn, as Cris continues to doubt Sarah about having booked Timberland to perform at the club, Timbaland’s manager shows up to verify that the star will be arriving soon! After the manager tells Cris how talented Sarah is, Cris apologizes for not believing her then hands Sarah a contract to become Capricorn’s new talent booker!

Just then, Rex shows up and is impressed that Sarah managed to land a gig with Timbaland and reminds her, “Hello… I have a club?” Although Sarah laughs and says, “Sorry, everyone is going to be here tonight,” Cris replies, “Not everybody.” After Cris calls Evangeline’s mom, just to have her tell Evangeline he loves her, Cris prepares for his big guest!

On Llantano Mountain, although John admits to being no good at relationship talk, Marty wants to know where ‘this’ is going. As John urges Marty to talk about what she’s feeling, she talks about Patrick – and not having been with a man since he died – then says, “I think I know where I want this to go.” Marty goes on to confess how good it feels when John kisses her then says, “I’d like to see where this goes…” Although John doesn’t elaborate on his feelings, he does admit, “I like you…” Not wanting to talk anymore, John takes Marty in a kiss as they rest back on the blanket.

When Markko approaches Starr saying “Langston’s meeting my parents tonight,” he wonders what Langston’s parents will think of him when they return and asks, “What are they like?” After Starr admits to having never met the Wilde’s, Markko is surprised. However, Starr explains how Langston’s parents travel a lot then says, “I’m glad you’re going to meet them. I was starting to think they were never coming home.”

Having overheard Starr and Markko’s conversation, Langston makes her presence known and questions why Markko keeps butting into her business! After Langston apologizes for snapping on Markko, blaming it on being stressed out because of a test, Markko agrees to meet up with her later then leaves. Once alone, although Starr asks Langston if there are any secrets between them, Langston denies having any to which Starr thinks about a secret she's been keeping – that her parents married for the wrong reason.

At St. Ann’s, Lindsay admits to Marcie that she overhead Michael and Rex saying they didn't want anyone to find out that Todd was Tommy’s father! As Lindsay rambles on how cold is was that day, in January, when she found out, Marcie is in shock that Michael has known all along! After Marcie knells down and asks, “Are you sure it was Rex and Michael?” Lindsay replies, “Yes, I’m sure… I’ll keep the secret… Michael’s secret is safe with me.” When asked if Lindsay told anyone else about this, Lindsay says no to which Marcie says goodbye then rushes off in tears.

Though Michael demands that Todd take his hands off of his son, Todd holds Tommy close and says, “I’m his father and I’m never letting him go again!” Just as Michael orders a nurse to call security, Blair comes in and tries to calm Michael down. After Todd hands Tommy over to the nurse, who takes Tommy away, Michael warns, “Don’t ever put your hands on my son again.” However, laughing, Todd reminds Michael whose son Tommy really is!

When Marcie finds Michael at the hospital, she tells him what Lindsay said then screams, “I need you to tell me the truth now! Have you been lying to me about Tommy all this time?” After Michael admits he has, he tells Marcie how Spencer used to hint about Tommy and Todd and how he told Michael to, "Go talk to Rex." In tears, Marcie screams, “You should have told me!” Although Michael thought he and Rex could keep Tommy’s paternity a secret, Marcie says, “Lindsay killed a man – for us – she heard you talking in a public place! You’re responsible! You should have come to me the second you found out! We could’ve done something, but now it may be too late. If we lose Tommy, this will be your fault… And I will never forgive you!” Suddenly, Marcie gets a call from Judy then tells Michael, “We have to go to court.”

Back at home, Blair wonders if Jack was faking his sickness to compete with Tommy for Todd’s attention. After Todd promises to show Jack how much he loves him, he smiles and talks about how good it felt to hold Tommy. Just then, Todd gets an important phone call from his lawyer then relays to Blair, “The judge made a decision.”

Next on One Life to Live:

Jared approaches Clint.

Todd surprises Michael & Marcie with a deal to share Tommy!

Dorian continues to worry about Langston.

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