Outside of Langston’s house, dressed in a disguise, Rex quickly hides in the bushes as he sees Markko approach! Once Langston lets Markko in, Rex briefly calls Dorian with an update to which she orders, “Call me when you know something.”

Inside the house, while Langston is getting her stuff ready for school, Markko questions, “You even pay your parent's bill? No wonder you can forge their signatures so well.” Although Langston manages to talk her way out of more questions from Markko, she becomes nervous when Markko suggests she come to his house for dinner! Just then, the doorbell rings and it's a cable guy (Rex) who says, “I’m here to check your cable.” Though Rex tries to weasel his way in, Langston and Markko throw the ‘cable guy’ out!

After Langston and Markko leave, just as Rex is attempting to pick the lock, a voice comes from over his shoulder asking, “You live here?” Relieved to see the mailman, Rex agrees to take the Wilde’s mail, looks through it, finds something of interest, then quickly leaves!

When Natalie shows up at the carriage house, Miles answers the door shirtless! After Miles gets dressed, over coffee, they talk about everything going on in their lives… How Miles is dealing with his divorce from Marty and how Natalie is coping with Jared. Although Natalie tries to act as though she’s over John, she admits to still feeling sad but expresses that Miles has helped her get through this hard time in her life. With a ‘pinky swear’ agreement, Miles and Natalie promise to always watch out for each other.

Up on Llantano Mountain, after laying down a blanket, John smiles and tells Marty, “I just want to clarify… This is not a date.” After talk of their own memories of spending time on the mountain, John and Marty briefly discuss Tommy’s custody case then share a fun afternoon making paper airplanes as they continue to grow closer with a passionate kiss.

At the hospital, holding Tommy, Marcie worries to Michael about losing their son. After Michael suggests she go visit Lindsay, Marcie doesn’t think it’s a good idea then changes her mind…

Once Marcie is gone, with Tommy sitting on his lap, Michael promises they'll always be a family, “You, me and mommy. The three of us.” When Michael gets paged, he leaves Tommy with a nurse…

Dorian arrives at St. Ann’s to bring Lindsay her Woman of the Year Award. Although she places it in Lindsay’s hands, Lindsay is unresponsive. Feeling frustrated, Dorian screams, “Wake up!" When that doesn't work she says, "I hope you’re going to forgive me for this.” After Dorian slaps Lindsay hard across the face, Lindsay scowls at Dorian and says, “If you ever do that again, I’m going to stick this award…” When the doctor comes in, although Lindsay knows whom she is, she claims to not remember anything. As Dorian talks to the doctor, he suggests that the more interaction with friends and family, the better for Lindsay!

Later, Marcie arrives and visits with Lindsay. While Marcie shows Lindsay pictures of Tommy, Lindsay says, “I did what I had to, but I’m not supposed to talk about it.” Although Marcie tries to calm Lindsay, she continues ranting, “I was just heading outside so I could make a phone call, and that’s when I heard Rex talking to Michael!”

In the kitchen, Todd and Blair try to answer all of Jack’s questions regarding his little brother. After they remind Jack it’s time for school, Jack leans over and pretends to throw up, saying he doesn't feel good! Thinking Jack may be faking it, Todd and Blair acts as though he needs treatment then gets him ready for a trip to the hospital.

When Todd and Blair arrive at the hospital, Todd goes into the sunroom and finds a nurse holding Tommy! After admitting to knowing Michael, actually saying he’s Michael’s brother, the nurse allows Todd to hold the baby. Just as Todd whispers to Tommy, “I love you and promise we’ll be together soon,” Michael appears and snaps, “Get your hands off of my son!”

Back at Dorian’s, Rex hands Dorian the letter he took from Langston’s house to which Dorian opens!

Next on One Life to Live:

Sarah is the new talent booker at Capricorn!

Marcie snaps at Michael!

Tommy's case comes to a close.

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