Just as Talia is trying to tell Antonio about ‘George,’ Vincent and Shaun show up at Capricorn. After Layla introduces Shaun as George, Antonio questions, “But his name is Shaun.” Although everyone, besides Layla and Talia appear confused, Shaun goes along with the masquerade, says he’s proud to have Talia as a girlfriend then takes her in a kiss! Comically, Shaun really gets into the role-playing, which makes Talia nervous! After Antonio gives them his blessing, he goes to check on Cris…

Once Antonio is out sight, Talia feels like a fool and snaps at Layla for putting such an awful plan in motion! However, Layla reminds Talia that it just may have made Antonio jealous!

At Capricorn, after Sarah repeats that Timbaland has agreed to perform at the club, she reminds Cris of their deal – and demands to be promoted to a talent booker! Although Cris thinks Sarah’s lying about Timbaland, Sarah makes a call then hands the phone to Cris! After Timbaland’s manager personally tells Cris that Timbaland will be performing at Capricorn, Cris is still suspicious and says, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Having overheard, Layla approaches with excitement, to which Antonio jokes with Cris, “Looks like you have an over-qualified waitress working for you, Bro!”

When Rex arrives at Dorian’s, she wants to hire him and says, “I want you to find Langston Wilde’s parents." Although Rex wonders if Dorian is interfering again, Dorian expresses her concerns for Starr’s friend then says, “My gut feeling is, the kid is hiding something.” Dorian also instructs Rex to get a phone number for Langston’s parents.

After Langston brings Markko to her house, he apologizes for butting into her life. Although Langston accepts his apology, she snaps on Markko after he picks up a picture of her family! Suddenly, Langston can’t hold it in anymore and sobs uncontrollably. Once Langston calms down, she admits her life isn’t perfect then takes comfort in Markko’s kiss. Later, when Langston gets a phone call from her parents, Markko appears suspicious of the situation.

John shows up at Marty’s with Tommy and asks for some parental advice. After Marty manages to get Tommy to sleep, John is impressed at how easy it was for her. When Marty asks if there was ‘another’ reason John came by, like to receive ‘this’, she kisses him slowly to which he admits, “Yeah, for some of that too,” then returns Marty’s kiss! Although Marty explains how long it’s been since she’s even thought about kissing someone, John suggests, “Who says we have to talk about it… Why don’t we just move forward?” Later, holding Tommy, Marty and John worry about what the future holds for the little boy.

On the stand, after Michael is asked if he hid the truth about Tommy being Todd’s son, Michael tiptoes around the question until an answer is demanded of him! After Michael thinks back to when he first heard about Tommy, he lies and replies, “When everyone else did.” When asked if he were in Todd’s shoes would he try to get Tommy back, Michael explains how DNA doesn’t make you a father then states, “He’s my boy, your honor,” then looks at Todd and repeats, “He’s my boy!”

When Marcie takes the stand, her lawyer asks, “Please tell the court why Tommy should remain with you.” Emotionally, Marcie replies, “Because I would die for him – and without him…” Although Marcie looks at Todd and apologizes for what he’s going through, she declares, “No one could love this boy as much as Michael and I do.” In tears, facing the judge, Marcie begs, “Please let us keep our little boy… Please.” During cross-examination, when Todd’s lawyer suggests Marcie and Michael adopt another child, she snaps at him! As Marcie is walking back to her seat, she briefly stops in front of Todd and says, “If you love your son, don’t take him away from the only ones he’s ever loved!”

After both sides address their closing statements to the judge, the judge makes it clear that until he reaches a decision, Tommy is to remain with the McBain’s. Once court is adjourned, on their way out, Marcie accidentally drops her purse in front of Todd, who bends down, picks up a pacifier then hands it – along with her purse – back to Marcie…

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex takes a peek into Langston's home life.

Jack acts as though he's sick.

Marcie visits Lindsay at St. Ann's.

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