As Blair is being questioned in court about what Todd did concerning Jack, Starr walks in and listens as her family’s secrets are aired for all to hear! Although Blair admits she had been furious with Todd back then, and that she didn’t want him to be a father to her kids, she admits once he found out Jack was his Todd did everything he could to reunite their family. However, Judy manages to make it look as though Todd had ulterior motives for returning Jack. Although Judy continues slamming Todd and his motives, Blair holds her ground and states, “Todd loves his family and we’re going to raise our children together!” Just as Judy turns the table and starts rehashing all of Blair’s past sins, Starr jumps up and screams, “Lay off of my mom! If you want to know what my parents are like, you ask me!”

While the judge calls a recess, Blair and Todd briefly scold Starr for showing up in court then reluctantly agree to allow Starr to testify. From across the room, Judy tells Marcie and Michael that although they plan to use Starr to ‘humanize’ Todd and Blair, she’s not going to let them off that easy!

At school, Markko and Cole talk about the arguments they had with Starr and Langston. As a resolution, Cole says he’s going to suck up his pride and apologize to Starr then leaves Markko wondering if he should do the same thing with Langston…

Back at the courthouse, with Starr on the stand, she boosts about her parents then emotionally tells the court how much they’ve done for her. Although Starr admits her parents aren’t perfect, she begs the judge to allow Tommy to come home. As Cole enters the courtroom, Judy is getting ready to cross-examine Starr. Though Marcie pleads for her lawyer to go easy on Starr, Judy questions Starr about how she used to baby-sit for Tommy then asks, “Would you say Tommy is happy with the McBain’s?” After Starr admits he was, but that Tommy would also be happy with her family, Judy brings up all the times Starr tried to runaway! Just then Judy gets Starr to admit that Todd almost strangled Cole and how Britney rigged a show last Halloween to tell everyone Todd was a rapist! Once Starr is excused, she rushes out of the courtroom with Todd close behind, leaving Blair to approach Marcie and say, “Hey, you and me, we’re gonna go at it!”

After Todd asks Cole to take Starr home, court is called back to order – and Michael is called to the stand and asked by Todd’s lawyer, “How and at what point did you find out that Todd Manning was Tommy’s real father?”

When Langston goes to Dorian’s looking for Starr, Dorian encourages her to stay for tea and wait for Starr. After Langston admits she had a fight with Markko, for butting into her business, Dorian gives her some advice then suggests throwing a dinner party to include Langston’s parents. However, Langston has no choice but to say, “I lied. My parents aren't home yet.” Although Langston claims to be fine – and proud of her parents for what they do – Dorian asks for their number to which Langston makes up a bunch of excuses why she can’t give Dorian the number – then leaves, realizing that both Dorian and Markko care about what happens to her. Once Langston is gone, Dorian makes a call saying, “I need to see you right away.”

Later at school, Langston and Markko apologize to each other.

At St. Ann's, as Bo tries to gain Lindsay’s attention, by asking her to say ‘something’, he talks about Matthew and how he brought Nora out of her coma. After Bo fails in making headway with Lindsay, he places a kiss to her forehead then walks away. Once Bi is out of her eyesight, Lindsay blinks her eyes shut as a lone tear falls down her cheek…

After Bo and Will leave, Nora goes to Lindsay and says, “If you can hear me, we need you to hurry up and get better… Will and Bo are having a hard time… But if this is anything but the real deal, if I find out you’re faking this, I’m going to hunt you down and make you wish you were catatonic!”

Trying to get ready for work, Sarah promises Layla she'll try to change her crazy routine soon. While Sarah heads back into her bedroom, Talia arrives and blurts out how she made up an imaginary boyfriend to hide her true feelings for… After Sarah quickly leaves for work, having not overheard, Talia says how Antonio is waiting at Capricorn for Talia and ‘George.’ Just as Layla asks why Talia made up a boyfriend, a thought comes to mind and she asks, “Tell me you’re not hot for your boss?” Although Talia denies her feelings for Antonio, Layla knows she’s lying then gives Talia some advice, “Break up with the fake boyfriend and get with the real thing!”

At Capricorn, as Cris is scrambling to make up for the lack of staff, he tells Antonio he’s going to fire Sarah for being late the minute she walks through the door! Just then, Sarah arrives, apologizes for being late then says, “Where do you want me?” Just as Cris is about to fire Sarah, she gets a phone call and rushes to take it! As Antonio is joking with Cris about his ‘real’ feelings for Sarah, Sarah approaches and blurts out, “Tomorrow night at Capricorn… Guess who’s going to light it up? Timbaland!”

Across the room, when Talia and Layla arrives, Talia admits to Antonio, “About George, there are things I wasn’t completely honest with you about.”

Next on One Life to Live:

Michael lies on the stand.

Cole is there for Starr.

John & Marty continue to bond.

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