In Bo’s office, Nora informs him that Lindsay pled guilty then says, “Lindsay doesn’t seem to be Lindsay anymore.” Upset, Bo expresses he should have known something was wrong with Lindsay…

Before Antonio leaves the station, he reminds Talia that he’d like to meet ‘George’ then tells her to arrange something! While at her desk, when a cop drops a man in front of Talia – one who’s been picked up for drinking – she tries to hush him as ‘George’ begins stating his case! Hearing the name, Talia says, “No kidding.” Just as Talia asks George to do her a favor, Antonio appears – and George rants off about his day then says, “Then the prettiest cop I’ve ever seen asks me to be her boyfriend!” After Talia denies it, the drunken man is taken away, leaving Antonio laughing – but still demanding to meet the ‘real’ George!

At St. Ann’s, although Will is allowed to see Lindsay, he’s warned she might not know him! As Will is waiting for Lindsay, Addie appears, rambles about being stuck between ‘these four walls’ then asks, “Excuse me, do I know you?” After Will explains that they have met, although Addie doesn’t remember him, Will briefly tells her he’s there to visit his ‘sick’ mother.

Just as Addie leaves, the doctor comes in with Lindsay and once again tells Will, “She’s not the woman you used to know.” Although Will tries talking to his mom, Lindsay stares off as though she’s in another world. When Nora and Bo arrive, watching Will beg Lindsay to give him a sign that she’s ‘in there,’ Nora tells Bo, “If she’s faking this, I hope she knows she’s breaking that boy’s heart.” However, when Bo approaches Lindsay and asks, “Can you hear me,” Lindsay turns her head and faces Bo!

Over coffee at the mansion, Todd complains about staying at Dorian’s then says to Blair, “I can’t wait to get custody of this kid then go back to the penthouse,” to which Blair replies, “Wait a minute… No one said anything about going back to the penthouse.” Although Todd reminds Blair that they need to put on a front and act like a real family, Blair thinks they can accomplish that by having Todd move into the mansion – for good! Before leaving for court, Todd warns Blair that she better get it right in court!

While getting ready for court, Michael tries to calm Marcie who fears they’ll lose Tommy! Just then, Judy arrives and informs them that the judge may make a ruling from the bench today and also warns that Blair taking the stand may repair Todd’s reputation as a father. Out of fear, Marcie doesn’t think she’ll recover should they lose Tommy. When Marcie blurts out that Todd tried to buy Tommy back, Judy says it only proves Todd is more scared of losing Tommy than he’s letting on!

After Cole and Starr get caught chitchatting in class, they’re saved by the bell. Out in the hall, Starr expresses her worry about what’ll go down in court today. Later, alone with Cole, after Starr finally admits her dad married her mom just to get Tommy back, Cole asks, “Have they stopped to think what this is doing to you?” Although Starr stands up for her parents, Cole still worries about Starr. However, Starr takes it the wrong way then storms off!

While at their lockers, Markko sees that Langston has forged her parents’ signature on an emergency consent form! Although Langston explains the form was due – and that her parents weren’t back yet – Markko appears concerned that Langston is always home alone. Overcome with emotions, Langston tells Markko to mind his own business then walks away…

In court, although Todd’s lawyer reminds Todd not to act so smug, Todd never reveals he and Blair got married! However, when the judge calls court to order, Todd stands, announces he’d like to add a co-plaintiff to his case then says, “My wife, Blair Cramer Manning.” Everyone in court is shocked as all eyes gaze upon Blair! After Marcie begs the judge not to buy Todd’s ‘stunt’, she states, “Todd Manning offered us ten million dollars to buy our son!” Judy takes the check, administers it as evidence then vows to prove why Todd really married Blair! With the check now in his hands, looking at Todd, the judge says, “I thought you were a lot of things, Mr. Manning, but stupid wasn’t one of them.”

On the stand, although the judge is suspicious of the sudden Manning marriage, Todd explains how much he loves Blair and how important it was for him to bring his family together in order to provide the best home for his son.”

When Blair takes the stand, the judge asks, “Is love the reason you married?” to which Blair replies, “Yes, the only reason.” However, when Judy cross-examines Blair, she brings up the fact that Todd once sold her son Jack but told Blair her baby was dead then asks, “How did you feel about that?”

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