When Nash returns from his run, he finds Jessica packing a bag. After Jessica expresses needing to get away, she explains her trip to London to see Kelly and her brothers. Although Nash questions her impulsiveness, and worries for her health, Jessica assures him, “This has nothing to do with you. I just need a little space. Can you give me that?” With talk of the stress with Antonio and the loss of Asa, Jess says, “I can work from London… without the whispers from everyone for what I’ve done…” While Jessica doesn’t want to leave Nash, and knows Nash can’t come with her right now because of the vineyard, she apologizes for making this decision without him. With understanding, Nash holds Jessica close and takes her in a kiss!

In a motel, Jared Banks is shown to his room. As the man in charge sees the book on Asa, he informs Jared of Asa’s death. Once the man leaves, Jared shuts the door to come up with a new plan and opportunity! Taking a seat on the bed, Jared opens the book, looks at a picture of Natalie and Jessica and vows to see ‘her’ soon!

In Bo’s office, when Nora tells Bo to take some time off, Bo says, “I just can‘t believe he’s gone.” After briefly talking about Matthew, Bo thanks Nora for being there… Outside Bo’s office, while reading an article on Asa, Talia sees Antonio and peers at him over the paper. When Antonio approaches her, Talia welcomes him back to work then waits while Antonio heads in to talk to Bo…

After Antonio gives Bo his condolences, he asks if he can come back to work, to which Bo says, “Welcome back, Detective.” Suddenly, Talia interrupts with news that Miles’s hearing is about to start. After Talia promises to keep Bo updated on the hearing, Bo expresses wanting Talia and Antonio to work together on some cases! With a smile, Talia nods in agreement, but her face fills with anxiety once her back is turned! Later, when Antonio brings up Talia’s boyfriend, she’s stands by her claim to have one!

While Marcie and Michael are having breakfast at the diner, Marcie jokes about John thinking she killed Spencer! Just then, Lindsay arrives, which gives Michael an excuse to make a quick exit. Over talk of the Woman of the Year Award, Marcie gossips about the woman who was supposed to get the award – but had it withdrawn – then says, “I nominated you. They’re giving you the award!” Although Lindsay is honored, she’s not so sure she deserves the award. Later, after Marcie confides that John thinks she killed Spencer Truman, Lindsay says, “Nothing should ever take Tommy away from you.” John arrives and overhears it all!

At Llanfair, when Miles comes up to the main house, he’s surprised to see Natalie ready to accompany him to court! Although Miles wonders how she can be sure he’s innocent, Natalie expresses what a good person Miles is, causing him to appreciate her as a friend.

Once Miles leaves to get ready, Michael arrives and asks, “Do you have any poll left with John? Because if you do, I could use your help.” Although Natalie claims to be no help where John is concerned, she suggests Marty may be the key to John’s good side.

John goes to Marty’s cell and says, “I think I figured out who killed Truman, and it wasn’t you.” Although Marty reminds John that she had motive, he asks her not to give up then says, “I’m going to get you out of trouble – no matter what I have to do.” Just then, a guard shows up, handcuffs Marty and escorts her to court for her jury selection.

Outside the courtroom, awaiting Miles's hearing, Max stops to talk to Blair before he leaves and says, “Don’t worry. I’m not going to kiss you again.” Suddenly, Todd shows up and asks, “You kiss him?” While Todd throws cheap shots at Blair and Max, Max brings up asking Blair to go back home with him, and Blair taunts Todd by saying she considered it! However, once Blair informs Todd she’s not leaving with Max, Blair says her goodbyes to Max – who then tells Todd that Todd is the love of Blair’s life!

Suddenly, Miles is brought in and Blair and Todd follow the reporters inside the courtroom! When Natalie arrives, Todd confronts her for stabbing him in the back by supporting Miles! However, Natalie disregards Todd and goes to Miles. When the judge calls court to order, she dismisses the charge of kidnapping against Miles for lack of evidence, causing Todd to stand in protest! Shockingly, Miles stands up and says, “I want to change my plea to guilty.”

Outside the courtroom, awaiting her court hearing, Marty hears the news…

Next on One Life to Live:

Miles pleads guilty, but to theft!

John is torn by Michael's plea for his silence!

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