At the mansion, while Nora and Matthew are eating breakfast with Renee, Nigel goes up to Asa’s room and finds him dead… With no choice, after taking a moment to collect himself, Nigel goes downstairs and says, “Mr. Buchanan is…”

When Bo approaches Clint at the stables, he says, “I can’t avoid this any longer. I’m going to have to arrest Pa.” Although Bo states his reasons for having to arrest Asa, Clint screams his opposition. Just then, Nora shows up and says, “Something’s happened… It’s your Pa.” As Clint puts his hand to his mouth, Bo’s eyes fill with tears, as Asa’s hat still hangs on a hook in the sables.

After Asa’s body is taken from the mansion, Nigel comforts Matthew while he thinks back to his grandpa telling him, “I love you, Matthew.”

Outside, Nora explains to Bo that Asa died in his sleep and didn’t suffer.

Just as Clint calls Cord with the news, Sarah barges in the door demands to speak to Asa about her trust fund until Clint stops her with, “Asa's died.” Filled with guilt, Sarah cries, “I’m so sorry.”

Todd storms into the diner handing out newspapers to Rex and Lindsay then leaves. After Rex looks at the paper, he asks Lindsay, “How come Todd’s out for his sister’s blood?”

On her patio, as Dorian reads the morning paper containing Viki on the front page with a caption reading “Loser,” she vows to put it on her refrigerator! While Starr rants with Dorian about her feud with Viki, Cole shows up with news that Asa died in his sleep. Surprisingly, Blair is filled with grief.

When Jessica storms into Llanfair, she finds Viki and Natalie in the kitchen and says, “Mom, I had nothing to do with the Sun today.” Although Viki didn’t know about it, she does now - after reading the headline! Suddenly, Todd arrives holding a paper and laughs, “I know you need the money, Viki.” After the phone rings, Viki gets the news of Asa’s death and relays it to Jessica and Natalie. Although the girls throw Todd out for saying, “This day just keeps getting better and better,” Viki calls her sons.

The next morning, Nigel prepares the mansion for Asa’s funeral…

At the diner, after Rex reads Asa’s obituary in The Banner, he goes to Bo with his sympathies. Although Rex says, “I wish I would’ve known him,” Bo replies, “Asa Buchanan was no saint.” Bo confesses that he was on the verge of arresting Asa right before he died. After Bo gives Rex the funeral details, Bo leaves…

Just as Dorian is getting the morning paper, with anticipation for what Todd has put as the headline, she’s shocked to see that Todd actually gave Asa a decent remembrance. After Dorian leaves, Todd shows up and admits that although he had plans to headline the day’s paper with “Finally,” along with Asa’s picture, he changed it last minute for Jessica’s sake. However, Blair doesn’t find Todd funny and leaves to pay her respects… Once Blair is gone, sitting on the countertop eating, Todd thinks back to one of his many confrontations with Asa.

At the airport, Clint and Viki meet Cord, Kevin and Joey…

Upstairs while getting ready, Renee thinks back to her wedding day with Asa. Just as Nigel shows up to comfort her, Nora arrives announcing someone is there to see her… “Oh, Max,” Renee cries, “You came.”

Later, gathered at the mansion, Asa’s family huddles close to remember the man they all loved. When Sarah walks in, Cord turns to his daughter then takes her in his arms.

Outside, after the funeral service, one by one, family members leave Asa’s grave until Bo is the last one there… Across the cemetery, Viki, Kevin and Joey visit Joe Reilly’s grave and the grave of Kevin’s son. Once the boys leave, Viki places a kiss to Ben’s gravestone…

Back at the mansion, although Clint tries to talk to Bo, Bo is clearly filled with guilt…

Outside the mansion, while Cord and Max are catching up, Blair arrives and says, “Well, well, well… Let’s see which two of you boys get to hug me first.”

Later, inside Asa’s office, Blair thinks back to the harsh relationship with Asa until Max appears and jokes about certain phrases Asa used to say, which in turn causes Blair to break down in tears! Although she hated Asa, Blair says, “I feel so bad for him.” As Blair begins sobbing, Max takes her in a kiss!

In the sables, holding a bottle of whiskey, Bo thinks back to a time when he had to arrest Asa then picks up Asa’s hat from the hook… Not taking his eyes off the hat, Bo takes a deep swig of the whiskey. “Here’s to you, Pa,” Bo says. “You screwed the world and got away with it again.” Just then, when Clint shows up, Bo throws Asa’s hat to the ground in a rage!

After Joey finishes up a heated phone call, Dorian joins him. Although the conversation is tense, Joey wishes Dorian well with Clint then asks, “Do you ever think about us?” Dorian admits she does, “From time to time,” as Joey does the same… Just then, Kevin interrupts causing Dorian to leave.

In the living room, just as Nigel takes a moment to remember when Asa first hired him, Viki approaches and asks if there’s anything she can do. Reluctantly, Nigel allows Viki to go to the wine cellar to retrieve a special bottle of wine…

Cord sees Sarah walk into the mansion then quickly runs after her as she escapes to a room upstairs. Once inside, Cord tries to comfort his daughter who feels so bad and guilty…

Still at the mansion, Natalie, Kevin, Jessica and Joey toast to their grandfather…

As Renee is entering the living room, Asa’s ex-wife, Alex, storms through the door, rushes to Renee and asks how their cowboy could do this to them! Although Renee is filled with disgust by the sight of Alex, Alex takes Renee in her arms!

Downstairs in the wine cellar, as Dorian walks through the door, it slams shut! When Dorian realizes they are locked in, Viki calmly says, “What else is new.”

Next on One Life to Live:

Cord is there to help Sarah face her guilt regarding Asa.

During their mourning, Clint & Bo argue in grief.

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