Outside of Evangeline’s room, Vincent stops Todd, and says he can’t see her. As Vincent says Todd needs permission, Layla comes out and stands behind his words. After Layla goes back inside with Evangeline, Todd tries to bribe Vincent into helping him get in! However, Vincent refuses Todd’s money but listens as Todd describes his experience being in a coma – and how he could hear those talking to him, those who cared. When Todd leaves, Layla comes back out into the hallway to hear that Todd is finally gone. After Layla tells Vincent how much his support has meant, she suggests he take her home to make love!

Seeing them leave, Todd goes back to Evangeline’s room. While picking up the money Vincent threw on the floor, Todd knocks into a nurse who says, “What’re you doing here?” After Todd claims to be there visiting his grandmother, he hands the nurse a few bills then enters Evangeline’s room and says, “Evangeline, it’s me, Todd.”

Holding her hand, Todd tells Evangeline he wishes there would’ve been something he could’ve done to help her. Over talk of all the times she's been there for him, Todd says, “I’m going to need your strength now… My son is really dead.” Out loud, Todd repeats what he knows Evangeline would say then vows to find out who took his son away from him – and make them pay!

Back at her apartment, Vincent kisses Layla’s hand, her mouth, then Layla says, “Come to bed with me.” Inside her room, Vincent and Layla give in to Passion!

Inside the carriage house, Miles thanks Natalie as she shows him around then says, “I won’t be staying here long… John McBain plans to send me to prison for the rest of my life.” After Miles questions whether Natalie is helping him to get back at John, she states the same case she did to Viki until Miles apologizes with understanding. Over talk of Marty and everything going on in Miles’s life, Natalie promises to be there for him.

After Cris scuffles with Hunter at Capricorn, Hunter is stabbed and falls to the ground! At Cris’s insistence, Sarah calls 911 – but it’s too late… Hunter is already dead! Cris calls the police and says, “I need a cop at Capricorn. I just killed a man.” When the police arrive, although Cris tells Sarah that she’s going to be okay, Sarah asks, “Are you?” After Cris assures her he’ll be fine, Sarah thanks him for saving her life.

When John barges into Rex’s loft, he says, “I know who Tommy really is… He’s Todd Manning’s son.” Although Michael and Rex deny it, John says, “Now that I know, I understand why you did what you did.” As John again says, “But Tommy is Todd’s son,” Michael warns, “If he means anything to you, this will never come up again and you’ll take it to your grave!” With a tear streaming down John’s face, he replies, “I can’t do that and you know it.” Now that everything is out in the open, although John tries to explain why they can’t keep this secret – that sooner or later someone else will find out the truth - Michael doesn’t see it and says, “It’s always the same thing with you, John, the law comes first. He’s your nephew.” With talk of Todd and his rights, John asks, “What do you want me to do? Just keep my mouth shut?” And Michael replies, “Yes.” In the end, for so many reasons, John says, “You have to give Tommy up.” Just then, John gets a call and has to head to Capricorn. With one last plea, Michael begs John to keep the secret then says, “This will kill my wife – and might kill me. If you love me at all, let me live my life with my child and my wife. Can you do that for me?” John replies, “I don’t know, Mike,” then leaves… In tears, Michael tells Rex that if he didn’t get through to John then he just lost his whole life. Again, Rex suggests that Michael take Marcie and Tommy for a trip out of town – and never come back!

John arrives at Capricorn to make sure Cris is okay then says, “Go home, we’ll talk about this later… just one thing, when you and this guy were fighting, did he mention Miles Laurence?” After Cris says no, John admits to an officer that although Hunter was the man who held Todd Manning, he says, “Now we need to nail the man behind it.” Later, alone at Capricorn, John gets a call from Michael asking what he’s going to do about their secret, and John replies, “I don’t know… I don’t know about anything right now.” John pours himself a shot then empties the brown liquor into his mouth.

When Cris and Sarah arrive back at his apartment, Sarah begs for Cris not to leave her alone… Cris holds her close.

Next on One Life to Live:

Michael asks John the unthinkable.

Tate pleads guilty - with pleasure!

Todd learns about Miles' new living arrangements!

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