When Cole arrives at the hospital to see Starr, although she doesn’t want to get into anything right now, he asks, “Do you hate me or do you love me?” As Cole goes on to remind Starr of all of the things they’ve been through, and once again explains why he did what he did, he vows, “I’m not going to let this beat us. I know I hurt you, but I’ll make it up to you if you give me the chance.” With a smile, Starr says, “I forgive you,” and Cole takes her in his arms! Just then, Cole gets a call from Matthew saying Marty has been arrested for killing Spencer!

As Blair hears Todd stir in his sleep, Todd says, “Evangeline… I love you.” Once Todd wakes up and remembers dreaming about Evangeline, Blair is forced to tell Todd about her accident then says, “She’s not dead, but she’s in a coma.” Upset, Todd gets out of bed and demands to see Evangeline! However, Blair convinces him to get back in bed as Todd vows to find a way to get in to see Evangeline when he’s better. When Blair asks if Todd still has feelings for Evangeline, he replies, “Of course I do.” After Todd claims Evangeline and he are just friends, he accuses Blair of always being jealous of Evangeline. Not wanting to fight, Blair and Todd agree to discuss Evangeline later and admit they have a lot of things to figure out.

At the loft, although Adriana feels foolish for trusting Tate, and letting him come between Rex and her, Rex takes part of the blame but says, “That guy flirted with you – he baited me!” Bottom line, Adriana explodes with guilt and admits, “Tate killed those people because of me.” However, Rex reminds Adriana that she’s the reason Tate was caught then says, “Tate’s the idiot. We’re safe… It’s over, Adriana.” Rex goes on to tell Adriana that Tate could never destroy what’s in their hearts then he takes her in a passionate kiss!

While lying in Jessica’s hospital bed, enjoying their ‘honeymoon,’ Natalie arrives and tells Nash and Jessica, “Marty confessed to killing Spencer Truman." Although Jessica doesn’t believe that Marty could’ve killed anyone, Natalie points out how Marty allowed Miles to blackmail her. No matter what Nash or Jess say about Miles, Natalie stands by her new friend - Miles! Once Natalie leaves, Jessica once again tells Nash, “Marty could never kill anyone.” Changing the subject, Jessica realizes she needs to call Antonio and tell him about their marriage…

As Jamie and Antonio are chatting with Roxy at the diner, Roxy spills the beans about Jessica and Nash’s marriage! Roxy quickly realizes what she did then makes a swift exit! Just then, Antonio gets a call from Jessica who asks him to come to see her at the hospital…

When Antonio arrives at the hospital, Jessica tries to explain why Nash and she got married so quickly. Clearly hurt, Antonio reminds Jessica that her recent marriage couldn’t hurt him any more than the affair she had behind his back then says, “You want to wash away your guilt by having me say I forgive you, but I’m not going to.” After Antonio leaves, outside Jessica’s room, he tells Nash, “I hope your marriage to her lasts longer than mine.”

In the interrogation room, when John hands Miles a piece of paper and a pen and demands that he write his confession, Miles refuses! However, John reminds Miles of being incriminated in Todd’s disappearance and brings up his blackmailing of Marty, which causes Miles to ask, “How far have you gone in the name of love?” Wanting the conversation back on Miles, John and Miles continue to bicker back and forth until John claims to have arrested Marty for Spencer's murder! John leaves Miles to think things through…

In the name of love, just as Miles is ready to write down his confession, to save Marty, Natalie enters the room and talks him out of it!

Next on One Life to Live:

Todd seeks revenge on Miles.

Cole visits Marty in jail.

Jessica fills Todd in on what's taken place during his absence.

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