Cristian finds a half dressed Sarah in the living room. He asks her to put some clothes on, but she grins and says she doesn't like wearing clothes around the house. Rex shows up, interrupting and Sarah tells him to come in and take off his clothes! Rex is a little confused. He tells Sarah he's not in the mood to play games since Tate tried to kill Adriana last night. Cristian is shocked. Sarah doesn't get why Cristian is so bent out of shape about this, so he reminds her that Evangeline is in the hospital because of this guy. Sarah asks if Rex is back with Adriana and Rex angrily asks why she cares. Sarah complains of how bored she is and Rex suggests getting a job. He hands her a paper and Sarah reminds him that she's a Buchannan. She looks for the concert listings until she notices that Todd's on the front page news. Cristian reminds her that Hunter is probably still around, but Sarah thinks she could take off somewhere. Cristian and Rex think she ought to get a job. "My mother's looking for help at the diner," Cristian proposes to an incredulous Sarah, who tells the guys that she has been fired from many waitressing jobs. She can't type she says, but she can book talent at Capricorn. She asks for a job! Cristian tries to get out of it but Sarah tries to convince him.

Vincent is up on the rooftop of the Palace, remembering the previous evening. Shaun comes up to see what's going on and Vincent says he was just replaying the previous evening. He says that things got really personal and if Layla's sister dies because of this loser…. He says he can't help but wonder 'what if'. Shaun reminds him that Tate had the whole town fooled, not just him.

At the apartment, Nora walks in on Matthew tearing up photos of Tate Harmon. She produces a waste pail and tells him she understands. "It's a bummer when we find out our heroes are human," she says. Cole interrupts and asks if they're all relieved. "We're working on it," Nora grins. She tells him that his mother's in protective custody but that they can't keep Marty in jail, because she doesn't remember anything. Nora promises to get her the best attorney in the state. Matthew tells Cole that he spoke with Starr on his behalf last night. He thinks she'll come around. Cole says he isn't sure if Starr will ever forgive him.

Later, Cole tries to calm Matthew when he once again realizes that all of his stuff is gone in the fire. He changes the subject back to Starr, and wants to know what Cole did to upset her so much and how he's going to get her back. Cole admits that he lied and thinks he has blown it with her for good.

As they walk the halls at the hospital, Starr tells Vicki that she's so surprised that her dad's back. Vicki lets on that she heard about Cole and Starr says she can't be with him after what happened. "He could have gotten Dad killed," she says, distressed. Erika tells her that the hardest thing is to forgive someone. Starr wistfully remembers how well she and Cole were getting along and doesn't know what to do to change things. Vicki sticks up for Cole and says that he made the wrong choice for the right reason. She asks what she'd do if in Cole's position. Starr isn't sure and says that even if she did forgive Cole; her dad wouldn't ever forgive him. Vicki suspects that Todd could have changed and asks Starr to give both he and Cole the benefit of the doubt. She considers that it's Miles' fault more than anything. Vicki leaves her for a few minutes to check on Jess, and Starr makes her way to the elevator, where she bumps into Cole!

Back at Llanview PD, Marty tells Bo she may not have been certain before but she is now. "I know I killed him." She says. They move into Bo's office, where Bo tells her that it's not a good idea to blurt that out in a squad room! John doesn’t think that Marty remembers enough to know if she's guilty or not, but Marty says she remembers banishing the scissors above her head and assumes that she stabbed him afterward. "I remember being scared," she describes and tells Bo she'll remember eventually. He asks her to recount details from the beginning.

Later, Bo asks to talk to John privately. Once Marty leaves the room, John tells Bo it'd be a mistake to arrest Marty. Bo says that any good prosecutor would have a field day with this, but John thinks maybe Truman knocked her out and that's why she doesn't remember killing him. Bo confesses that something doesn’t add up but if Marty didn't kill Truman, he wants to know who did. John asks for more time.

When Marty returns to the room, Bo has no choice but to place Marty under arrest!

Dorian drops by Adriana's place and demands to know why nobody called her. Layla says she's fine as long as Tate's in jail. Dorian offers the ladies muffins and this reminds Adriana of the many times Tate brought them breakfast. The ladies aren't hungry anymore. Dorian tells the two that they need to take what happened and put a positive spin on it. She confesses she called a publicist who is writing a press release on their behalf. "It's going to be brilliant!" she says and tells them that the man's advice to them was to "Ride the wave!" Layla says it's a good idea but neither of them can think about selling underwear right now. Shaun drops by and tells Layla that he found Vincent up on the Palace roof. He's sure that Vincent could use an ear, "And I don't mean me." He says, meaningfully.

Shaun and Layla leave and Adriana regrets not listening to Rex regarding Tate. Dorian generously says that Adriana and Rex could find their way back to each other, but this puts Adriana on edge. She says she's surprised that Dorian would even suggest such a thing, considering what happened last year! Adriana divulges that she's not sure if she and Rex are strong enough to get through this together.

In the hospital, Nash tells Jessica that they're going to have a real honeymoon as soon as the doctor says it's okay. Jessica is happy to hear this but frowns as she realizes that Antonio doesn't know that they're married yet. She knows he'll be really hurt when he finds out, but Nash reminds her that they did this for themselves. Jessica smiles at Nash and caresses his face. Although they both feel guilty, Nash lovingly tells Jessica that marrying her is the best thing he has ever done. The two kiss passionately.

Layla arrives at the Palace rooftop and asks how Vincent's feeling about all of this mess. He is honest and says he feels like he should have let Harmon die! He thinks he has let those that he loves down, but Layla lets him know that nothing could be further from the truth! She doesn't think he'd be the man that he is right now if he had killed Tate. Vincent says that Talia did the right thing by shooting him. He can't get over the fact that he saved the man's life. Layla says if things were different she's not sure if she'd feel as proud of him. She calls him a hero and says she wants to find out everything there is to know about him. Vincent asks Layla if she'd agree to take another shot at being his girlfriend again. "I already am," she says with a smile, and Vincent pulls her into a kiss.

Next on One Life To Live:

Rex tells Adriana that it's over!

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