When Nash arrives in Jessica’s room, she begs him to take her home. After explaining she needs more tests, Nash tells Jessica that Todd is alive and back in Llanview then they talk about happier times – and a honeymoon to come! Just then, a nurse comes in to take Jessica away for her tests. Once Jessica returns, in the hallway, Nash surprises her with a raincoat and hat then brings her into the room and says, “I give you the most conventional honeymoon… Niagara Falls!”

As Starr and Blair help Todd back into his hospital bed, they warn him to stay put! Just then, Todd says, “Starr, just think... What would happen if you were dating Cole – someone who has Miles as an evil stepfather.” Blair looks at Starr and asks, “Do you want to tell him or should I?” Although Starr tries to lie, Blair prompts her to tell the truth leaving Starr no choice but to say, “Cole and I got back together.” Todd is furious and demands answers from Starr! And after hearing that Blair gave Starr her blessing, Todd is even more furious and asks, “Did you stop to think about how I’d feel about it?” Despite the fact that Starr and Cole broke up, Todd is shocked to hear that Cole knew about Miles holding him in the storage room! “Cole wanted to protect his mother,” Starr screams. “And I would do the same for you two – even though you don’t deserve it half the time!”

After Starr storms out, Blair warns Todd that they need to guide Starr – not control her! “She’s not over the boy,” Blair says then looks at Todd and confesses. “I know the signs… I wasn’t going to give up on you, Todd.” As Blair touches Todd’s hair, he replies, “I’m glad you didn’t.”

At Asa’s, Matthew and Nora help Cole try to settle in. Just then, Cole gets a call from Starr who says, “I guess we should talk.” Although Starr tells Cole they found Todd, she warns, “I would steer clear of him just to be safe. But he wouldn’t be back if it wasn’t for you… Thanks.”

In John’s office, “Marty screams, “Oh my God, I remember the night Spencer died. It’s all coming back to me.” As John makes Marty rehash what happened the night Spencer was murdered, Marty remembers hearing something going on in Blair’s room… “I went in and Blair was there on the bed with Spencer… I knew I had to stop him… That’s when I grabbed the scissors and brought them down as hard as I could.” No matter what Marty says, John still believes in her innocence! As Marty cries for John to believe her, John grabs Marty by the shoulders and screams, “Don’t give up! I’m not giving up on you!”

After Talia burst onto the rooftop, she fires then screams, “Freeze, Tate, on the ground now!” Appearing to have been shot, Tate falls over the edge! As Talia rushes to the edge, she sees Tate hanging by one arm! Although Talia wants to save Tate – and make him face his crimes – Vincent doesn’t appear as eager! However, at Talia’s persuasion, after Vincent pulls Tate back up, Talia cuffs him and places a call to the station!

Back at the station, Talia promises to make the questioning quick – and also assures them that Tate will be brought in after he’s checked out at Memorial. Although Vincent says, “I should’ve let him die,” Rex, Adriana and Layla remind him that the nightmare is over.

In his office, after Bo instructs an officer to holds all of his calls, he asks Paige why she’s changed her mind about leaving town. Although Paige expresses her need to leave the country and help those in need, Bo asks, “When are you going to come back?” However, Paige replies, “Maybe the question should be… Will I ever come back?” While Bo is so confused, and doubts that a long distance relationship can work, Paige explains, “I am broken… When Hugh died, a piece of me died too. I’m drowning and I don’t want to pull you and Matthew down with me.” With great sadness, Bo holds Paige close. Just then, Talia interrupts and says, “We got Tate Harmon.”

After Adriana admits to Rex that she should’ve trusted him, Tate is brought in and entices a fight with Vincent! Bo quickly rushes into the waiting area and screams for everyone to get into his office! After everyone is questioned, Bo gives Paige a passionate kiss goodbye…

Next on One Life to Live:

Viki gives Starr advice about Cole.

Marty still thinks she killed Spencer.

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