Just as Blair is filling Todd in on Sarah’s connection to his disappearance, Jack bursts in the room with Dorian and rushes to his dad! Back to talk about Todd, Starr reveals that Miles was the one who set the whole kidnapping up then Blair finishes with, “Marty killed Spencer.” After Todd hears that Miles has only been charged with obstruction of justice, he cries, “What about what he did to me!” Once Dorian takes the kids to the diner to get Todd a milkshake, Todd tells Blair he’s tired and suggests she go with them. With a soft kiss to his forehead, Blair respects Todd’s request then leaves… Later, when Blair and the kids return, Todd is gone!

Although David apologizes to Viki for extorting money from Clint, he shocks her with a document stating he’s having all the money Clint gave him transferred back into Clint’s account then says, “I don’t want the money… not if it changes the way you feel about me.” Over a talk about what David did – and how he hurt Viki – David asks, “There’s one more thing… Will you forgive me?” While Viki wishes David would’ve never extorted money from Clint, she knows how David operates – like a child who’s always sorry – then forgives him. As Viki is leaving to deliver the document to Clint, she notices that David never signed it! However, in the end, David does and gives back all the millions…

As Viki leaves, Dorian arrives and hears that David gave back the money. “You’re out of your mind!” Dorian says! After all the heartache David caused Clint, Dorian can’t believe he did it all for nothing. Although Dorian finally admits she’s proud of David for doing the right thing, she's sad to hear that he plans to leave Llanview. After Dorian and David say their goodbyes, Dorian leaves. Momentarily, Nigel arrives with a thank you for David from Asa for what he did for Jessica. Once David says to tell Asa ‘thanks but no thanks’ Nigel expresses ‘finding’ what he came for… Nigel leaves.

Out in the hall, Viki runs into a troubled Paige who asks to speak to her. Without revealing what their conversation was about, Viki tells Paige to follow her heart and do what’s best for her…

In the interrogation room, although John is trying to help Marty, she still believes there’s a chance she killed Spencer! However, Marty asks John to help her with something else and says, “I’m probably going to go to prison for a very long time… Cole is very fond of you… I was hoping that wherever he ends up that you’d look in on him.” While John admits that Cole is a great kid, he refuses to help Marty give up!

At the station, Talia brings Bo up to speed, says they never found the medallion but that Rex, Adriana and Layla should all be safe now.

Later, Bo goes down to the jail and asks Miles who Jordon Ames is and says that Kandi told him that she got the job to be with Todd through Jordan. However, Miles never lets on that Jordan was the woman who prepared him for his courtship with Marty!

When Bo goes back up to his office, Renee and Nigel are waiting for him with a bottle of expensive liquor – from Asa – as a thanks for not arresting him for hiring David to kill Spencer!

Later, Talia overhears Renee taking a phone call regarding Vincent’s rooftop dinner and becomes worried, remembering that Adriana had told her that Vincent and Layla were on their way to her apartment earlier! Talia rushes off…

Later, Miles is shocked to see another visitor - Todd! No matter how many times Miles denies being involved in Todd’s disappearance, Todd accuses Miles of having him stabbed and kidnapped! After Todd asks Miles if he knows how much his family means to him, Todd grabs Miles around the throat until a cop pulls him off! When Bo and John arrive, Bo goes into the cell with Miles and instructs John to send Todd back to Memorial!

After Bo returns to his office, Paige is waiting for him and states, “I’m leaving Llanview.”

Just as John rejoins Marty in the interrogation room - and tells her about what happened with Miles and Todd - Marty blurts out, “Oh my God, I remember!”

When Rex and Adriana arrive on The Palace rooftop, Tate holds a knife to Layla’s throat and warns them all to stay put! As Rex tries to occupy Tate by talking, Vincent continues to loosen the ropes from his wrists. After Tate admits that his father took the fall for him, he throws some rope to Adriana and demands for her to tie Rex up! As Adriana pretends to tie Rex up, Tate’s hatred comes out through racist remarks! “You want to save your friends?” Tate asks Adriana. “Then let’s make a deal!” When Tate says he’d trade their lives for hers, Adriana asks, “What do you want me to do?” Despite everyone’s objections, Adriana does what Tate says, takes a step on the ledge then becomes filled with fear when Tate demands, “Now jump!” When Adriana won’t jump, Tate grabs Layla and yells, “Jump or she’s going over the edge!” Scared for her life – but more for Layla’s – Adriana cries, “All right, I’ll do it!” Both Vincent and Rex frantically scream, “No!” Just as Tate is prompting Adriana to jump, Talia shows up and screams for Tate to freeze! However, Tate falls over the edge!

Next on One Life to Live:

Starr makes a confession to Todd.

Marty remembers the night Spencer was murdered.

Nora agrees to watch over Cole.

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