In a hospital room, Michael looks down at Todd and thinks back to the secret about Tommy. When Michael asks Todd if he remembers anything, Todd whispers, “My son.” Michael then goes out into the hallway to give Blair and Viki an update, fearing that Todd knows the truth about Tommy! Once Michael warns Blair and Viki that Todd may not remember anything, they go in to see Todd – leaving Paige to confront Michael as to why he’s acting so strange! Although Michael says there’s nothing wrong, Paige insists that Michael go home to be with Marcie, admits to knowing about Marcie's fertility problem then offers to help in any way. However, Michael wants to check on Todd one more time…

Inside Todd’s room, just as Blair tells Viki she wishes Todd would wake up, Todd says, “Yak, yak, is that all you girls can do?” After Blair tells Todd how John and she found him, he says, “I don’t remember that… But everything else I do.” As Todd is explaining what happened after he was lured to Chicago, Michael joins them and listens on as Todd talks about hearing a baby crying, being stabbed, then walking in the woods outside of town. “Welcome back, Todd,” Michael buts in. “How are you feeling?” Before leaving, Viki promises to help Todd find his son, but Todd tells her he needs a favor now… After finishing her conversation with Todd, Viki runs into Paige outside of Todd’s room and hears that David has requested to see her.

At Dorian’s, Starr tells Markko and Langston what Cole did then asks, “Now what do I do?” Markko and Langston are shocked that Cole would keep Todd’s whereabouts from Starr! Although Langston sides with Starr, Markko suggests Starr give Cole the benefit of the doubt then asks, “Are you going to stay with him?” Just then, Blair calls, tells Starr to get to the hospital then says, “It’s your dad, we found him and he’s going to be okay.” Starr rushes into Langston’s arms!

Later, just as Michael leaves Blair alone with Todd, Starr bursts through the door and into her father’s arms! Over talk of all that Todd has missed in Starr’s life, he promises to always be there for her from here on out!

John goes to the hospital, brings David some clothes, says to get dressed then demands that David go on camera to tell the whole world that he knows who killed Spencer Truman! Although David refuses, John gives him no choice – until David’s big priced lawyer comes to his rescue! After David’s lawyer warns John that he knows about his illegal tactics to flush out Spencer’s killer, he demands that David’s ankle monitor be removed! Once John sees the order from the judge, John agrees to see about David’s release then leaves.

After David's lawyer leaves, Viki arrives and David says, “I’m sorry.”

When Cole goes to visit Marty in jail, Marty nervously asks Cole if he’s getting along okay until Cole slams his hands against the bars with fury for Miles – and for what he’s done to his mother! Although Marty promises she’ll hire the best attorney, and asks that Cole go about his life as though he normally would, Cole warns that if Miles is set free he doesn’t know what he’ll do! After Marty makes Cole promise not to do anything stupid, Nora shows up and assures them she'll get to the bottom of Marty’s case – but refuses to be the prosecutor should Marty go to trial - then asks, “Is there anything else I can do for either one of you?” Through tears, Marty asks Nora to take care of Cole. Although Cole wants to stay with John, Marty insists he stay with Nora giving Cole no choice but to leave with Nora.

John goes to the jail and tells Marty he had to let David go then says, “Now I can’t use him to flush out the killer. I’m sorry… But this isn’t over. Not until you’re free and clear.”

Inside Adriana’s apartment, after she can’t locate the medallion, Rex suggests that Tate might have come back to get it! Suddenly, Adriana says, “What if Layla let him in?” Frantically, Rex replies, “Call her… Now!”

When Layla arrives on The Palace roof, she finds Vincent knock out and tied to a chair! Quickly, Tate comes up behind Layla and puts a knife to her throat! When Layla’s phone rings, Tate sees that it’s Adriana, answers it and demands that she come to The Palace rooftop – without Rex or the cops – before a stiff breeze comes by and blows Layla away!

After Adriana hangs, although she says she talked to Layla, she doesn’t reveal anything about Tate. Once Talia leaves, when Adriana refuses to tell Rex the truth, he starts to call Layla! Adriana quickly rips the phone from Rex’s hand, tells him to stop hovering, makes up a story about Layla coming home then asks Rex to leave. Once Rex is gone, Adriana breaks down in tears but knows she needs to save Layla! As Adriana leaves, Rex secretly follows her…

Tate pushes Layla into a chair at the table then begins throwing around racist remarks. Although Vincent appears to still be knocked out, Vincent makes Layla aware that he’s not then begins untying the rope around his wrists! As Tate continues to taunt Layla, at knife point, Adriana arrives – with Rex close behind! “I thought I told you to come alone,” Tate says. “But now that the gang’s all here, it’s time to party!”

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex, Adriana, Layla & Vincent are all in danger as Tate sets his racist plan into overdrive.

Paige & Bo's conversation leads to a 'goodbye'.

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