In the motel room, as Blair rushes to Todd’s bedside, the woman lying next to him wraps a sheet around herself, jumps from the bed but demands that they get out! Although the woman claims Todd and she were having some private time, John hands her some cloths and orders, “Get dressed.” While Blair and John smell booze on Todd’s breath, they know he’s been drugged and call for an ambulance. Suddenly, Todd’s eyes flutter open and he looks at Blair and whispers, “Hey, how are you doing?” Blair holds Todd close! However, Todd soon falls back into a drugged sleep. As Blair briefly leaves a message for Starr, John questions the woman, Kandi, as to how she knows Todd! The woman gives a story about how she ran into Todd then expresses to Blair how hot Todd was in bed! Immediately, Blair lunges at Kandi, but John holds her back! Just then, when Todd begins calling out Blair’s name, Blair rushes back to Todd and promises never to leave him again!

At the hospital, just as David is making a phone inquiry about a new car, Viki arrives with a gift! David quickly hangs up then opens his gift - for saving Jessica’s life. After David opens the new laptop computer, Viki again thanks him for his generous gift of life, making David feel guilty! Just as Viki takes David’s hand, Clint walks in and asks, “What’s going on in here?” Once Clint sees the laptop, and hears Viki boost about what a blessing David is, Clint picks up the box to the laptop, throws it across the room and says to Viki, “He doesn’t need a laptop from you when he’s getting ten million dollars from me!” Despite David's protest, at Viki’s persuasion, Clint tells Viki about the deal he made with David! Livid, after David admits to extorting money from Clint, Viki says, “David, I really cared about you… I will always be grateful to you for saving Jessica’s life, but we’ll never be friends again. That makes me really sad.”

In tears, Viki storms out, and David warns Clint he’ll regret his actions! Although David threatens to go to the cops and turn Asa in, Clint reminds David that he won’t be able to earn his millions rotting in jail! After Clint leaves, David reads Viki’s gift card again...

In the hallway, after Paige comments to Michael on how surprised she is that David gave up part of his liver for Jessica, Michael and Paige agree that David has changed. Over talk of how busy the hospital has been tonight Paige says, “The next drunk is yours!” While waiting for their next patient, Paige and Michael talk about Tommy and Hugh’s adoption. Seeing Michael’s worried expression, Paige says, “Are you worried about Tommy? His parents are dead. It’s not as though they’re going to show up and take him away.” Just as Viki joins them, Blair and John arrive - followed by Todd on a gurney!

When Rex and Adriana run into Talia at the station, they demand to talk to Bo and say, “It’s about the hate crime.” Once in Bo’s office, Rex blurts out, “Tate Harmon... Turns out I was right about him all along!” Adriana tells Bo about the OPP symbol then explains everything that she’s ‘picked up on’ where Tate is concerned. Although Bo gives plenty of reasons why Tate couldn’t be involved, he picks up the phone and tells Rex, Adriana and Talia that they need some hard evidence! After Bo finds out that the OPP medallion was not listed in Kirk Harmon’s things, they know Tate lied about having the symbol! Bo instructs Talia to go back to Adriana’s apartment to collect the medallion then warns Rex not to leave Adriana’s side!

While waiting for Talia, when Adriana beats herself up over not seeing Tate for whom they ‘think’ he is, Rex asks why she believes in everyone except for him. Finally, Adriana admits her wrongdoings, and Rex wants nothing more than to keep everyone safe from Tate’s evil clutches. Talia reenters Bo’s office and asks, “Are you ready to go.”

Later, alone in his office, Bo is stunned to see John arrive with the woman who was found with Todd Manning! John fills Bo in on the events leading up to Todd's rescue.

In her apartment, when Layla is faced with Tate, she questions what he’s doing there! Tate explains that he was taking a nap in Adriana’s room – with Adriana’s permission – then asks, “Don’t you trust me?” Although nervous, Tate convinces Layla that everything is ‘cool,’ then questions Layla if she should be getting involved with Vincent again. Tate briefly thinks back to hearing Vincent talk about the OPP then tells Layla, “Watch your back… You and Adriana are very important to me.” Before Tate leaves, he listens as Layla takes a call from Vincent asking her to meet him on The Palace roof! Tate tells Layla goodbye then leaves the apartment… Layla leaves shorty after.

Back at the apartment, as Adriana is digging through her garbage can for the OPP medallion, Rex says, “It’s gone!”

On the rooftop of The Palace, with the help of Shaun and Renee, Vincent plans a romantic evening for Layla. Although Shaun and Renee think Vincent is going to propose to Layla, Vincent makes it clear he’s just trying to get Layla back – exclusively. After everything is all set, at Vincent’s insistence, Renee and Shaun leave him with their well wishes.

Waiting for Layla, Vincent never hears Tate tiptoe from behind him, as Tate smashes Vincent over the head with a baseball bat!

Next on One Life to Live:

Todd returns to Llanview - and to his family.

Langston & Markko comfort Starr.

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