At the loft, Adriana tells Rex, “It’s about Tate… You may have been right about him all along.” Once inside, Adriana explains all the recent strange occurrences with Tate – and the OPP medallion she found in his backpack! Although Adriana admits she should’ve listened to Rex, Rex comforts her and says, “Let’s just hope we nail him before someone else gets hurt. We can worry about us after we figure out what to do about Tate. Starting right now, you and Layla have to stay away from Tate Harmon!” After Adriana says she’s scared, Rex walks with her down to police headquarters to meet with Bo.

Inside Adriana’s apartment, holding the OPP medallion, Tate hears someone coming and quickly hides in the closet. When Vincent and Layla enter, Layla senses that someone’s in the apartment! Although Layla realizes she was hearing noises from outside her open bedroom window, she admits she’s still uneasy because of the OPP. Inside the closet, holding a switchblade, Tate listens on in anger as Layla asks Vincent, “What if Tate Harmon is really like his father after all?” After briefly talking about the possibility, Vincent tells Layla to go get changed and tries to ease her mind by taking her out of the apartment for a night of romance. Just as Vincent tells Layla he’ll be back to pick her up soon – and leaves – Tate comes out of the closet and is there when Layla turns around!

As Blair screams into the night for Todd, John bags the found cell phone as evidence then wonder where the heck Todd could be! Just then, a cop drags a guy over to John and Blair – the owner of the found cell – and they question him whether or not he’s seen Todd. After the man explains he had been hiking in the area – and had stashed his backpack – Blair gets a call from Todd who barely whispers, “Blair…” After the phone goes dead, John puts a trace on the call and tells Blair it was made from a nearby motel!

Hunter drops Todd down on a bed in a motel room, takes out a bottle of liquor then puts Miles’s plan into motion. “Wait here,” Hunter says, “while I get the entertainment.” After Hunter makes a call, he pours liquor down Todd’s throat then says, “It won’t be long now.” Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door… Hunter lets a woman in then says, “He’s all yours.”

When John and Blair reach the motel, John kicks the door open and they see a woman in bed with Todd!

Behind bars, as Miles rants how he’s lost Marty, Spencer reminds him, “You never had her.” Miles begins blaming Spencer for what’s going on with him then says, “You made me hate Todd Manning. Now I’m as dead as you are. It’s not over yet. I still have a chance to make this right.”

At Dorian’s, Starr tells Cole to get out and says, “If my father is dead, it’s all because of you!” Although Cole tries to plea his case and says, “I was scared, I wasn’t thinking straight,” Starr reminds him that her father is still missing then replies, “What good is the truth now?” Despite Cole’s professed love for Starr, she claims to hate him and again yells, “Get out now!” However, Cole refuses to leave until Starr hears his side of the story! As Starr continues to scream that Cole didn’t do anything for her father, Cole explodes and says, “Your dad raped my mom and I’m supposed to take him over her?” No matter what Starr thinks, Cole tells her that Miles wanted him to kill Todd then says, “But I didn’t do it!” Although Starr is thankful, she’s not put at ease now knowing how badly Miles wanted her dad dead then says, “Now it’s probably too late.” Through tears, Starr screams for Cole to get out! “I love you,” Cole says. “I’ll always love you.” Once Cole is gone, Starr slides down the door casing and cries…

Next on One Life to Live:

John & Blair find Todd with a strange woman.

After finding out about David's demand for millions, in exchange for part of his liver, Viki ends their friendship.

Tate goes after Vincent.

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