Outside of Llanfair, Cris and Rex tell Sarah it's time to tell Viki what's really going on...

After Viki calls the hospital to check on David, she giggles when the nurse expresses he’s giving everyone a hard time. After Viki hangs up, while praying for Jessica, Clint arrives with news that he’s seen Jessica and it appears things are going well. After Viki tells Clint they owe their lives to David, Clint tries to be thankful then says, “David is not the good Samaritan you think he is. The truth is…”

Suddenly, there’s a knock on the door, and Viki and Clint are stunned to see Rex and Cris dragging in Sarah! Although Sarah explains she came back after hearing about Jessica, and lies about being on a world tour with her band, Viki and Clint question her absence. When Viki asks where Sarah ran into Cris and Rex at, Rex blurts out, “Chicago.” No matter how many lies Sarah tells Viki and Clint, Cris and Rex remind Sarah, “We’re not going to lie for you. Would you like to tell them what your friend did to your uncle?” Sarah is forced to admit that she didn’t make it in the music world and that she knew where Todd was…

Somewhere outside, Todd crawls around looking through some garbage for food. As luck would have it, in his coat pocket, Todd finds a cell phone and thanks God!

In Dorian’s living room, Blair shows Dorian the website she’s created for people to leave tips on ‘Todd sightings.’ Although Dorian thinks Blair and the kids are better off without Todd, Blair disagrees and says she wants more than anything to reconcile with Todd! Out in the foyer, Britney warns Starr that what she’s about to say could ruin both Starr and Blair’s lives! As Starr is throwing Britney out, Britney says, “I don’t know where your dad is, but I know someone who does… Cole.” Although Starr doesn’t believe Britney when she tells her about the conversation she overheard between Cole and Miles, Britney says, “Go ask him.” Hearing all the yelling, Blair joins them and asks, “Are you yelling about your father?” As Blair is reaming Britney, Dorian calls her back into the living room and says, “Marty has confessed to killing Spencer.” Overhearing, Starr begs Blair to take her to the police station to see Cole!

Once Blair and Starr leave, Dorian gets a call on Blair’s cell phone from Todd!

At the station, with a reporter taking it all in, Marty continues confessing to Bo until Miles walks in. Marty screams, “Miles has been holding Todd Manning!” Although Cole confirms Marty’s accusation, Miles denies it! Despite John’s pleas for Marty to think about what she’s doing, Marty confesses again, “I killed Spencer Truman.” After John takes Marty in his office to talk, Cole whispers to Miles, “Dead Miles walking.” Bo then tells Miles to take a seat and admits to Natalie, “I know Marty… She wouldn’t have done this for any reason. Now I’m trying to figure out how much of this was a surprise to John.”

Cole sneaks over to Miles and tells him that he no longer holds anything over Marty and him. After Cole threatens to tell Bo the truth about Todd, Miles tries to sway him and says Cole will end up in juvenile hall and that Starr will never forgive him. Just as Cole tells Miles, “It’s over,” Natalie approaches and asks Miles, “Is any of this true?” Although Miles denies it and expresses what a nightmare this is, Cole informs him, “And you’re about to wake up.” After Natalie leaves, Miles again pleads with Cole to stay quiet. However, Cole refuses!

In John’s office, although John tries to think of a way out of this for Marty, she wants closure and says, “I did it, I killed Spencer.” Frustrated, John demands, “Why are you doing this?” And Marty replies, “I’m doing it for my son.” When Bo joins them with his questions, he tells John, “I’m going to assume she just told you about this now.” After John gets the hint, he agrees to allow Bo to do the questioning. When questioned about who told her Miles was holding Todd, Marty says, “I’d rather not say.” Bo looks at John and says, “I don’t know… Do you think she killed Truman?” John replies, “No.”

Later, back with Cole, Marty whispers, “Don’t say a word.” But Cole feels guilty and admits to Bo and John that he’s the one who told Marty that Miles was holding Todd. As Cole gives his full confession, and says that Miles blackmailed him, Starr and Blair arrive and overhear it all!

Back at Llanfair, Natalie imagines John and her playing pool and reconnecting!

Next on One Life to Live:

John & Blair make a shocking discovery.

Miles seeks Hunter's help once again.

Starr refuses to forgive Cole.

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