During a four-way talk with her friends, Britney wants nothing more than to damage Starr and Cole’s relationship forever! Suspicious that Cole knows something about Starr’s father’s disappearance, Britney tells Heather, “You’re right. If you want to screw some over, there’s no time like the present.”

Starr and Langston arrive at Dorian’s. Over talk of Markko and Cole, Starr tells her best friend about Britney’s latest attempt to break up Cole and her by saying, “She said Cole is lying to me.” Laughing, Starr goes on, “No one is going to break us apart.” After Langston leaves, Britney shows up and says she’s there to tell Starr exactly what Cole is hiding from her!

When Paige goes to the station, Bo thanks her for saving Jessica’s life. Just then, Lindsay bursts in, doesn’t see Paige, and says to Bo, “How are you doing with that problem you were telling me about.” After Paige makes her presence known, Bo and Lindsay blow it off then Paige gets called back to the hospital. Although Lindsay wants to reopen the All American exhibit, Bo asks her to wait a while longer then takes a call from the mayor.

At the hospital, although Nash talks about Jessica’s release, Jess says, “I don’t want to go home.” Jessica worries that the transplant won’t take and says, “I should stay a little longer.” Nash says he understands and appears strong and confident that Jessica will be fine. Just then, Paige comes in, says Jessica is on her way to good health and that she can go home in a few days. After Paige leaves, Nash follows her into the hallway and expresses his concerns with, “I need you to reassure Jessica that this liver is going to take.” However, Paige replies, “I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Despite what Paige revealed, Nash goes back in and tells Jessica, “She said you’ll be fine.” Over talk of their wedding, Jessica says, “It was perfect,” and Nash replies, “Yes, it was… Except for one thing.” Nash takes out a ring inscribed with, “Two bodies, one heart,” then puts it on Jessica’s finger.

Over drinks at Dorian’s, Clint rants about David’s extortion but admits to Dorian, “I think David really cares what Viki thinks.” When Dorian reminds Clint that David could take Viki’s money, too, Clint accuses her of wanting him to break his promise to David and tell Viki! Clint says he’s trying to protect Dorian from herself and keep all outside destruction out of their relationship. With appreciation, Dorian holds Clint close.

Under the bridge, Miles becomes frantic when he can’t find Todd! Later, when Hunter meets Miles, he agrees that they both need to find Todd Manning – or risk being connected to his disappearance! After looking around a bit, Hunter finds a flyer with Todd’s picture on it causing Miles to say, “Damn it, Blair… No one can find Todd before we do!”

At their apartment, Cole tells Marty he knows she killed Spencer then demands she divulge everything! Although Cole says he doesn’t blame his mother, Marty warns that if she admits she killed Spencer she won’t be there to keep him safe. After Cole says, “That’s what I’m trying to do for you,” Marty demands answers and replies, “What are you protecting me from?” Over back and forth cries for answers, Marty finally admits, “You’re right. I killed Spencer Truman.” After Marty explains what she remembers, Cole says, “I heard the tape… Miles played it for me.” Stunned, when Marty wonders why Miles would tell Cole about the tape, Cole replies, “So I wouldn't tell anyone he was holding Todd Manning hostage.” Furious that Miles used Cole, Marty knows she must turn herself in then says, “I’m glad you told me… No matter what happens it’s going to be okay. I promise.” Not able to stop Marty, Cole insists on going to the station with her…

Outside his office, John expresses his distrust of Miles to Natalie. Although their relationship has changed, Natalie reminds John, with a smile, that if she believes in something – or someone – she’ll do everything in her power to protect them! It appears as though Natalie is offering to be there for John!

Suddenly, Marty and Cole arrive at the station! After Marty tells John she’s there to see Bo, Cole sneaks off, calls Miles and screams, “Something happened to my mom. Get down to the police station!” Once Cole hangs up, he says out loud, “Gotcha…” Back in Bo's office, Marty announces, "I have a confession to make!"

Next on One Life to Live:

Dorian answers a call from Todd!

Blair tells Dorian she wants Todd back!

Sarah's family finds out about her connection to Todd's disappearance.

Cole refuses to back down to Miles!

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