Rex pounds on Adriana's door only to be greeted by Layla who informs him Ade's with Tate. Layla explains his ex is helping to make arrangements for Tate's father's funeral. Layla then tells Rex he's dug himself into a huge hole where Ade's concerned. As Rex clings to the belief that Adriana will soon see the light about Tate, Layla asks if there's any evidence to prove his theory. Rex can only proclaim, "I still love her. I can't just give up and walk away."

At the funeral home, Tate "laments" his father's wrongdoings and praises Adriana's support. As the funeral director enters, Tate notes the man is Dominican. Picking up on some uneasiness, the man asks Tate if his heritage is a problem. Tate gets a little defensive as both Adriana and the director question his reaction. After Tate regroups from his near racist slip, he opts for a closed, quick funeral, but Adriana suggests having an open one instead in hopes of catching other OPP members. Tate of course is outraged by her suggestion and tells her doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Before leaving , Adriana kisses Tate on the cheek, much to Tate's disgust. Tate later fantasizes about Adriana's death and him getting away with his hate crimes.

Over at the hospital, John visits David and proclaims, "Game on!" Explaining that as David's liver is regenerating as they speak, he's ready to get back to work. While David looks for praise from John for saving Jessica's life, McBain makes it clear the only thing he wants is for David to help him lure out Spencer's real killer. Banter ensues between the men and John tells David he brought him a present. As he whips out the ankle bracelet, David dryly says, "You shouldn't have."

At Rhodi's, Blair asks Marty to help her find Todd. As they discuss the possible reasons that Hunter had for giving Blair Marty's address for Todd's whereabouts, Blair tells Marty it's obvious she doesn't loves Miles. Marty then tells Blair she married Miles to provide security for Cole. Blair obviously doesn't care and asks, "Will you help me find Todd?" Marty makes it clear she'd love to, but doesn't know where he is.

Meanwhile, Todd calls out for help while lying in the woods. Two cops hear "something" and decide to check it out. Unfortunately, they don't look deep enough into the sound, but Todd eventually gets up from the ground and wearily walks away.

Back at Rhodi's, Spencer continues to taunt Miles, warning him he should have killed Todd when he had the chance. After stating that he's not a murderer, Spencer suggests Miles at least hide Todd a little better. Miles then asks Cole to give him a fake call so that he has an excuse to leave the family dinner.

Across the way, the mean girls discuss how long Britney plans on making Cole sweat while Cole asks Starr what Britney said to her earlier. After Starr fills him in, Cole confronts Britney demanding to know what she said about him. She responds by saying, "I told her that you're hiding a really big juicy secret from her and that's true isn't it?" Cole sternly warns Britney to "Leave Starr the Hell alone."

At another table in Rhodi's, Natalie and Vincent chat about her new career path. Vincent notices Nat looks happier since her break from the police station and Natalie replies that she's content. Noting it's a far from passionate answer, Vincent asks if she still misses John. Instead of answering, Nat turns the tables on him and asks how he and Layla are doing. Vincent says things are looking up.

After Miles leaves Rhodi's, Blair wants to call John so he can tail him. Cole stops her from doing so, drawing confused reactions from Blair and Starr. Cagily getting out of the tight spot, Cole says he wants to leave. Defending Cole to her mother, Starr explains, "If Cole knew something about Miles he would tell me. We don't lie to each other about anything."

Adriana later comes home to Layla updating her on Rex's visit telling her that Balsam still loves her. As Layla leaves, Adriana quietly says "I still love him too." Looking at Tate's bag that's been left at her house, Adriana recalls how uncomfortable Tate was with the Dominican funeral director. Opening Tate's bag, Adriana finds a mysterious medal.

Back at the funeral home, Tate discusses his plan to kill Adriana with someone on the phone. When he hangs up, Rex is there staring him down. Clearly not hearing the conversation, Rex and Tate argue over Adriana.

After leaving Rhodi's, Marty starts to pry into Cole's relationship with Starr. Spitting out, "You're the last person I can talk to about this", Cole confronts Marty about killing Spencer.

Once Vincent leaves, John enters Rhodi's and spots Natalie. The two discuss Blair, Marty and Miles. John tells her to be careful of Miles because "I don't trust that guy as far as I can throw him."

Going back to where he left Todd, Miles discovers him missing from under the bridge. Spencer appears to taunt Miles about losing Todd and warns, "You better find him Miles. You better find him fast." Todd is then seen lying passed out in a new wooded location.

Next on One Life to Live:

Jessica tells Nash she doesn't want go home from the hospital.

Britney goes to Starr to tell her what Cole is keeping from her.

Marty and Cole discuss the tape of her confession.