At Capricorn, while Blair sings a sad tune, Rex reminds Sarah that if something bad happens to Todd she could become an accessory to murder! Just then, Blair’s voice cracks and she says, “I’m sorry. Somebody I love is missing… I can’t do this tonight.” While Blair takes a seat with John, expressing how much time has passed since Todd’s come up missing, Sarah approaches and says, “I may be able to help you.” Although Sarah doesn’t know any more about Todd, she offers to help in any way she can. However, Blair doesn’t find her offer appealing and tells her to go! Alone, John promises Blair he’s working on some more leads.

Although Michael escaped to the hospital for some alone time, Marcie follows him, demands that they talk and lets Michael know how hurt she feels that he left the apartment. Michael admits how thoughtless his actions were then says, “We can always try to adopt again. It’s going to be fine. I really wish we could talk more, but I have to meet someone. It’s important." Disappointed, Marcie watches as Michael walks away…

While at the bar, Rex gets a call and tells Sarah to stay put! However, after he makes plans to meet Michael, Rex turns around and finds Sarah gone! Just as Rex is leaving a message for Sarah to get back to Capricorn, John approaches and tells him to keep an eye on her! Suddenly, Michael shows up and tells John he’s just meeting his buddy, Rex, for a drink. However, John is suspicious and warns Michael that whatever he’s hiding is going to come out sooner or later. After John leaves, Michael confides to Rex, “Marcie told me she can’t get pregnant. If anyone finds out we knew that Tommy is Todd’s son, we’ll never get the chance to adopt. We need Todd to stay missing.” When Sarah returns, Michael leaves, and Sarah fills Rex in that she went to the hospital to make sure Jessica is okay. “I hid, no one saw me,” Sarah says.

At the hospital Paige announces that David and Jessica have successfully made it through surgery! Privately, Dorian brings up David to Clint then asks if he’d be mad if she went to see him. Clint reminds her of the bargain he had to make with the devil in order to get Jessica the transplant! As Miles watches Jessica’s family, he tells Marty he wants to take his own family to dinner. Although Marty says, “Cole has plans with Starr,” Miles replies, “Then he’ll have to break them!” Despite Marty’s protests, Miles calls Cole and invites him and Starr to dinner!

In the recovery room, holding hands, David tells Jess, “I hope you enjoy my organ as much as I did.” Jessica thanks David then says, “You’re my hero.” Just then, Nash sneaks into recovery and goes to Jessica’s side. Shortly after a nurse takes Jessica to her room, Clint comes in to see David and says, “You want to take the money and play the hero?” After David admits he did it for the money, Clint hands him a check for ten million dollars then says, “I leave you with the honor of telling Viki.”

After Clint visits with Jessica, Nash comes in and shares in Jessica’s excitement that they can now be a family… forever. In David’s room, as he’s planning how to spend his money, John shows up and says, “Remember, we have a killer to find. Get well soon!”

When Cole goes over the Dorian’s to see Starr, he takes her in a kiss. Suddenly, Britney appears and says, “You better get all that in while you can, kids!” After Britney taunts them briefly, Starr snaps on Cole then apologizes and blames it on her worry for Todd.

At Rodies, while waiting for Miles and Marty, Starr tells Cole she’s hoping Miles will slip up and reveal something about Todd. Just then, Blair arrives and tells Starr about breaking down at Capricorn. After telling Starr and Cole to enjoy their date, Miles and Marty show up and Miles asks Blair to join them! However, Blair passes, tells Starr to get home safely then heads to the bar. Across the room, Britney tells her friends she's going to mess with Cole and Starr! When Britney goes to Starr’s table, she asks to talk to Starr. Although Cole objects, Starr walks off with Britney. While Marty is taking a call from work, Cole says to Miles, “Where are you hiding Starr’s father? He better be okay.” Miles reminds Cole they’re doing ‘all this’ to protect Marty then says, “Calm down. You’re drawing attention to yourself. Start acting like you’re happy to be part of this new family.” Watching Miles, Blair whispers to herself, “What do you know about Todd.” As Marty is walking back to her table, Blair stops her, admits she knows Marty has nothing to do with Todd’s disappearance, then offers to help her and Cole get away from Miles – if Marty helps her find Todd!

Across the room, Britney tells Starr, “Cole is lying to you about something totally huge!” Although Starr tells Britney to choke on her words, Britney grabs Starr’s arm and replies, “You’ll be the one choking on them.”

Somewhere in the night, Todd manages to walk away. As Todd makes his way to a 'poster board type' sign, he sees the missing person flyer – with his picture on it – then calls out, “Blair.” Suddenly, Todd collapses in pain before he can call out for help to the voices in the distance!

Next on One Life to Live:

Miles can't believe Todd is missing!

Cole fights against his guilt to keep his discovery of Todd a secret.

Natalie & Vincent have another encounter.

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