In the park, while talking about Tate and his dead father, Vincent says, “Good riddance.” However, Layla reminds Vincent that Tate may not be like his father, and Vincent can relate. “I’m nothing like my father,” Vincent says. “And I want people to know I’ve changed.” Vincent confesses that he hasn’t always been a great guy but Layla can see he’s trying and says, “I appreciate it.” However, Vincent says, “I’m not doing it for you. I’m doing it for me.” After Vincent goes on to say that being with Layla has given him a conscience, Layla admits, “I’m liking the new you a lot.” Vincent then gives Layla a special token to give to Evangeline for luck.

At the hospital, just as Michael comes in to congratulate Jessica and Nash, Jessica’s machines begin to beep and Michael screams, “She’s coding! I need everyone out of here now!” Scared, Nash tells Viki, “We can’t lose her now!” Although Michael wants to stay and overlook the transplant, Viki insists that he goes home to be with his family then tells Nash, “Jessica’s a fighter. You need to believe that.” Across the hallway, when Marty snaps on Miles after he says, “I don’t know what I’ll do if something happens to Jessica,” Natalie comes to his defense! Once Marty walks away, Natalie becomes suspicious of why Marty isn’t more supportive of her husband.

As Dorian is talking to Clint about the ten million dollars David extorted from him, Bo overhears and says, “What!” Bo flips out on Clint and threatens to tell Viki and throw David in jail! When Bo won’t listen to Clint’s pleas to ‘let it go,’ Clint confesses, “If you arrest David, you’re going to have to arrest Pa too.” After Bo hears that Asa hired David to kill Spencer, although he is furious, Bo knows it would kill Asa to arrest him and says, “I won’t be responsible for my father’s death. It’s just one more thing I’ll never be able to forgive him for.” Bo storms off…

While spending time with Marcie and Tommy, Lindsey reminds Marcie that she needs to tell Michael the truth about her fertility – today! However, Marcie worries that once she tells Michael, their lives will fall apart. When Michael arrives home, before Lindsey leaves, he tells them about Jessica and Nash’s wedding – and about her near death experience.

After Lindsey leaves, Michael asks Marcie what’s bothering her and Marcie admits, “I should have told you this a long time ago.” Suddenly, Michael asks, “Is it about Tommy? Did you hear something?” Confused, Marcie says no then goes on to admit, “I didn’t want it to be true… I can’t have children.” Although Michael promises Marcie they’ll find her help, Marcie breaks down and cries that she’s already tried! As Marcie cries how sorry she is, Michael takes her in his arms and says, “It’s not your fault.” Over talk of Tommy, Michael picks up his son and says, “God is going to help our family through this. Everything’s going to be okay.”

When Lindsey arrives at the hospital, she tells Bo she’s praying for Jessica. After questioning what’s wrong, Bo admits he’s done something, something that could tear his family apart. Just then, Bo gets a text message from the station and has to leave…

In the operating room, Paige begins the liver transplant on Jessica and David. Although David makes it through his part, Paige says, “Jessica is weak. I don’t know how much longer she can hold on.” As time goes by, Jessica's health deteriorates...

Suddenly, a nurse comes out and says, “Mr. Brennan. The surgery still isn’t over. I just came up to bring Mrs. Vega’s - ” However, Nash interrupts with, “Brennan!” After the nurse leaves, Nash gives Marty back her wedding ring. Alone, Marty looks at the ring and cries… When Miles approaches, Marty says, “My real husband gave me this!” Again, overhearing, Natalie tells Miles, “I don’t know why you put up with her!”

At the diner, as Starr tells Cole, Langston and Markko about her mom’s search for Todd, Cole blurts out, “He could be anywhere.” When Markko says, “It sounds as though you don’t want her dad to be found,” Cole replies, “I just don’t want Starr to get her hopes up.” After Starr suggests Cole keep an eye on Miles, he thinks back to his conversation with Miles, then agrees, “I’ll do what I can.”

Just then, Britney and her crew take a seat across the room. Watching Cole and Starr, Britney begins thinking Cole is hiding something and tells her friends how she wants to ‘pay him back’ for what he did to her! When Britney overhears Cole say they’re going to the movies, she looks at the girls and says, “Want to go to the movies?”

Later, when Cole gets a call from Miles, he walks away from the table and says, “I’m tired of lying to Starr!” And Britney overhears!

Under the bridge, the missing person's flyer that Blair dropped is at Todd’s feet but is taken away by the wind. Above, when a man unleashes his dog and tells him to go play, the dog runs down to Todd! Although the dog barks, once his owner calls, he rushes back to his side. Suddenly, Todd opens his eyes! Shortly after, Todd manages to stand up and tries to walk away!

Next on One Life to Live:

Scared for his life, Todd seeks help!

Marty & Miles take Cole & Starr out for dinner.

Britney tells Starr that Cole is lying to him!

Jessica & David make it through the liver transplant.