At Marty’s, Miles expresses his frustrations with their marriage then threatens to sue John for accusing him of crimes he hasn’t committed. “Someday,” Miles says, “Our marriage is going to feel like a marriage.” After Miles leaves for a meeting, Marty makes a call and says, “I need to see you. It’s really important.”

When Marty’s therapist arrives, Marty tries breaks through her hidden memories of Spencer’s murder then confides that she married Miles to protect Cole – so she wouldn’t go to jail. “I’m so angry, I could just…” Marty says through gritted teeth. “I could just kill him!”

Dreaming, in bed, Rex rolls over, hugs Sarah and says, “I love you.” After Sarah makes Rex aware that she’s not Adriana, Rex jumps out of bed and tries to blow off Sarah’s pushiness to ‘talk’ about what he’s feeling regarding Adriana. Over talk of Tate – and how much Rex doesn’t trust him – Rex gets an idea!

At Capricorn, Blair shows Cris some missing person flyers for Todd then fills him in on Hunter and about what happened at Marty’s apartment then says, “I am going to find him. Todd needs me.” Later, after Layla shows up and tells Cris that she went to visit Evangeline, Rex calls and asks Cris to come to the loft and stay with Sarah while he runs an errand. After Cris hangs up, he tells Layla and Vincent that Kirk is dead. Although Vincent is still filled with hatred for the man, Layla reminds him to bury it!

When Tate and Adriana arrive at the station, Bo says, “I have some questions about your father’s death.” After Bo makes Tate aware that Kirk died right after Tate’s visit, Tate reveals, “I know what my father was going to tell you.” Although Tate feeds Bo more lies, Bo asks Adriana to wait outside then tells Tate, “The warden told me why your father wanted to talk to me. It wasn’t about the OPP… It was about you.” Again, Tate makes up a story to deter the truth then leaves…

Outside Bo’s office, Adriana runs into Rex who suggests that Tate is using her as a cover – and that he’s really a racist! Suddenly, Blair arrives, looking for John, and shows Rex and Adriana the missing person flyers. Noticing the tension between Rex and Adriana, Blair reminds them of how much she loves Todd then says, “It’s never too late.”

Later inside Bo’s office, after Rex suggests talking to a ‘few friends’ in Statesville about Kirk’s death, Bo gives him the go ahead but warns, “Don’t do anything stupid.” After Bo leaves to attend Jessica’s wedding, Rex peeks into some of Bo’s files.

At Rex’s, while Cris is looking at a picture of Evangeline on his laptop, Sarah suggests that Cris talk to her and tell her how he feels then says, “Then maybe she’ll wake up.” Cris calls the hospital and asks a nurse to hold the phone to Evangeline’s ear… Once she does, Cris begs, “I love you, I need you, please, Evangeline, come back to me.”

In Jessica’s room, after Paige says the surgery will be soon, Jessica looks at Nash and says, “Then we should get started too.” Paige agrees it’s a great idea as long as the marriage doesn’t interfere with the surgery. While Paige examines Jessica, Nash, Clint, Viki and Natalie wait outside.

In the hospital, Dorian screams at David for extorting money from Clint in exchange for part of his liver then warns, “If you take that money, I won’t give you a moment’s peace for the rest of my life!” Although Dorian threatens to tell Viki, David says, “If Clint talks, my liver walks. Don’t tell her, Dorian!” Just then, Viki comes in and again tells David how thankful she is. After Clint peeks in and tells Viki she’s wanted in the bride’s chambers, David thanks Dorian for not ratting him out to Viki. However, Dorian reminds him, “It comes at a price."

In the hallway, while everyone is scrambling with arrangements for the wedding, Paige tells Nash that Jessica’s very weak then says, “I think you should wait for this.” Scared, Nash looks around for the Chaplin until Clint says, “I want you to make my daughter happy, not only for her, but for Bree too.” With pleasure, Nash promises to always make Jessica happy!

Back in Jessica’s room, after Natalie, Viki and Roxy fixed her up, Nash enters and the wedding begins. Through touching words filled with emotion, Jessica and Nash exchange their vows. Just as Marty walks in, everyone realizes that Jessica doesn’t have a ring. Marty quickly steps forward and allows Jess to borrow the ring that Patrick gave her. Through the exchanging of rings, Nash and Jess are pronounced husband and wife!

Amongst a pile of garbage, somewhere, Todd lays helpless… Suddenly, Miles arrives! Although Miles is relieved to see that Todd is still alive, he gives Todd the last of the drugs but promises to get more at the hospital! Miles leaves…

Later, while Blair is standing on a bridge, after questioning a woman as to if she’s seen the man in the flyer, she drops a flyer and it soars over the edge of the bridge, to the ground below and lands on Todd who is under the bridge!

Next on One Life to Live:

Jessica's life is again at risk.

Bo explodes with fury after finding out about David & Asa's deal!