At the station, just as Bo tells Talia that Kirk Harmon wants to see him, the Statesville warden calls and says that Kirk was killed in jail! Although the man who killed Kirk is saying it was in self-defense, Bo doesn’t buy it. Bo and Talia immediately think the OPP is involved!

When Rex and Sarah run into Adriana at the diner, Sarah realizes that she’s the ex who Rex is so hung up on. After Rex explains his relationship with Sarah, Tate arrives and says, “I see you’ve moved on quick, Rex.” Although Rex tries to defend himself, Adriana says, “Don’t explain on my account. It’s none of my business.” Seeing how distracted Rex is, Sarah tells him he’s better off! Just then, Sarah sees her Uncle Bo walk in and she quickly goes out the back door!

After Tate and Adriana go get a table, Tate says, “I have a bad feeling something is going to happen at my dad’s sentencing tomorrow.” Holding his hands, with Rex and Sarah watching on, Adriana tells Tate, “I’m here for whatever you need.” Suddenly, Bo approaches the table and tells Tate, “There’s no easy way to tell you this. Your father’s been killed.” With Rex still eavesdropping, Tate acts as though he’s upset, but thanks Bo then storms out. Although Rex tries to stop Adriana from following Tate, she insists and rushes past Rex! Alone, Bo and Rex discuss all the possibilities surrounding Kirk’s sudden death.

Outside, after Tate takes a call from an OPP member, pretty much admitting they had Kirk killed, Tate agrees to finish his mission. Shortly after Adriana joins him. In tears, Tate talks about his childhood and expresses how much he’s going to miss his dad. With fury, Tate starts screaming, “Why did it have to happen? He didn’t deserve to die!” Adriana takes Tate in her arms...

Soon after Miles is pulled over by the cops, John arrives on the scene! Although ‘Spencer’ tells Miles to watch out for John, when asked, Miles gets out of the car. “Open the trunk,” John says and reminds Miles that, by law, he is driving a ‘stolen’ car. With no other choice, when Miles opens the trunk, John looks in and says, “What the heck is that?” After Miles explains it’s his suit bag – then unzips it to show John it’s empty – Spencer's voice explodes in Miles’s head saying, “Good thing you got rid of Manning’s body like I told you.” Although Miles denies knowing Hunter, John still places him under arrest! After John brings Miles to the station, he instructs Talia to give him a ticket for driving without his license then says, “I’ll take him home.”

At the apartment, Cole tells Marty he’s upset because of what she’s done by marrying Miles and says, “You need to stay away from this guy before he hurts someone else!” As Marty insists she’s not hiding anything, John arrives with Miles and again questions why Hunter would say that Todd was there! Before John leaves, he warns Miles that once he finds Hunter, he’ll get to the bottom of this! While Marty walks John out, Miles thanks Cole for keeping his secret!

In Jessica’s room, with Natalie watching on, Jessica agrees to marry Nash. In tears, after Nash leaves Natalie with Jessica, Jess says, “Now do you see how much I love him?” Natalie holds her sister close.

In the hospital hallway, everyone is happy to hear that David is a match for Jessica! After David reluctantly agrees to be Jessica’s donor, Viki says, “David, I’m never going to forget this.” Once Paige takes David away, Viki, Clint and Dorian go to tell Jessica. Before they can tell Jessica the news, Jessica blurts out that Nash and she are getting married! Just as Clint and Viki are telling Jessica about David being a donor, Nash arrives back and says, “I want to get married today – before the surgery.” Although Clint suggests they wait, Nash looks into Jessica’s eyes and expresses how much he loves Jessica and how he wants to marry her now.

Out in the hallway, Clint asks Viki to call her judge friend to arrange for a marriage license. After Viki goes to make the call, Dorian makes a point to remind Clint that she’s the one who made David get tested. Although grateful to Dorian, Clint goes to David and says, “If there’s anything I can do for you just let me know.” Without hesitating, David replies, “You can give me the ten million dollars your father owes me!” Although Clint threatens to tell Viki, with time running out, Clint has no choice and asks, “How do you want the money?”

When David goes out into the hallway, Viki throws herself in his arms, thanks him for being so selfless then says, “I will never forget this.” As David looks at Clint, Clint says, “Neither will I!”

Next on One Life to Live:

Rex looks into Kirk's murder.

Jessica's health begins to fail.

To keep Todd his prisoner, Miles drugs him!