When Clint arrives at hospital, Paige gives him the news that Jessica's body is rejecting the liver. After Nash goes to be with Jess, and Natalie leaves to call Kevin and Joey, David shows up to lend his support to Viki. Although Clint tells David to leave, Viki says, “David is my friend!” Once Viki goes in to see Jessica, Clint again tells David to leave!

In Jessica’s room, when Nash says, “You’re going to be okay,” Jessica replies, “I don’t think so – not this time.” However, Nash tries to convince Jessica that she’ll be home before she knows it. When Clint, Natalie and Viki arrive, Paige comes in and says aside from letting Jessica die, by stopping the medications, there’s one other option, “We’d need to perform a second transplant.” Although Viki reminds everyone that she’s a match, Jessica refuses her loving gesture. Leaving Nash alone with Jessica, Nash gets on one knee and says, “There’s something I want to run by you… Will you marry me?”

Outside Jessica’s room, Paige approaches Viki, Clint, Natalie and David and says, “I have news… There was another match… David, you’re the match!”

When Tate goes to see Kirk in jail, Kirk tells him to stay away from his sentencing tomorrow then says, “I hope you’re putting distance between you and that group. What you’ve done is a big mistake.” However, Tate replies, “My only mistake is not seeing things through to the end.” Although Kirk demands to know if Tate is planning something else, and warns he’ll end up behind bars, Tate patronizes his father! After Tate says Adriana won’t be an issue for long, Kirk asks, “What do you have planned for her?” Despite Kirk’s pleas for his son to change, Tate says, “I don’t think we’re ever going to see eye to eye. I hope your time in here isn’t too hard on you.” Once Tate leaves, Kirk thinks back to all his conversations with Tate then says out loud, “I’m sorry, son, somebody’s got to stop you.” When the guard comes in, Kirk asks to call Bo Buchanan and says, “It’s urgent.”

In Angel’s Square, Tate runs into a fellow OPP member who’s been sent to Llanview to make sure Tate’s father isn’t going to interfere in their mission. However, Tate assures Clark that his father will stay quiet! Once Tate is out of earshot, Clark makes a call saying that Kirk Harman is a security threat and promises, “Don’t worry, he’ll be taken care of.”

At the diner, after Carlotta fills Adriana in on Antonio’s life, Cris arrives back from Chicago and expresses how glad he is that Rex got ‘heads’ in their coin toss! Over talk of Cris’s broken heart, Carlotta and Cris question Adriana about Tate. Adriana sticks up for Tate and says, “He swears he’s nothing like his father.” Changing the subject, Adriana asks about Chicago and Cris tells her about Sarah – and her connection to Todd’s disappearance!

When Tate arrives at the diner, upset, he tells Adriana that his father has been trying to make him think the way he does. “I just want to thank you, Adriana,” Tate says. “For everything you’ve done for me – and all you’ll do in the future.” After, Tate goes on and says, “He told me he never wants to see me again,” Adriana promises to be there for whatever Tate needs.

At Marty’s, after Marty gives John her license plate number, John calls out an APB on Miles. Just as Blair warns Marty that Todd better be alive, Cole shouts out, “He is.” Although everyone questions how Cole knows Todd is alive, Cole tells Starr, “I have to believe it – for you.” Leaving it at that, after bringing up the storage room, John says, “I want to take a look at it. Cole, you’re coming with me.” After Cole and John leave, Marty asks Blair to leave. However, Blair continues to bicker with Marty.

In the hallway, although Cole tries to explain why he appears so nervous, John says, “Try again, what’s really going on with you.” Cole makes up a story about his old things in the storage room and says, “There might still be some steroids in there. I didn’t want to upset my mom.” After John warns Cole to get rid of the steroids – if they are still in there – they go back inside the apartment to which John relays he’s ordering a sweep of the storage room. Later, before Blair pulls Starr out of Marty’s, Starr apologizes to Cole by saying, “If you knew something about my dad, you’d tell me.” Once they’re gone, Cole makes it clear to Marty that he’s upset with her!

At Rex’s, Sarah says, “I think I’m going to like it here.” As Rex looks out the window, he says, “Why the heck did I have to call heads?” After Sarah briefly looks at a Midnight Logic CD (her old band), she tries to talk to Rex about Jen, but he blows her off – and continues to do so when she asks about ‘the girl who recently dumped him.’ Once Sarah begins talking about her relationship with Hunter – and how he betrayed her – Rex starts to accept that Adriana is gone too. Later, wanting a drawer for herself, Sarah throws Adriana’s lingerie out the window! Just then, John arrives to question Sarah. After she claims to have nothing to do with Todd’s disappearance, John gets a call saying Marty’s car has been found!

Next on One Life to Live:

In order to save Jessica, David becomes her donor.

Jess & Nash make plans to get married in the hospital before her surgery!

A cop pulls Miles over and asks to see what's in his trunk!