Carrying Jessica, Nash rushes into Memorial and tells Paige she collapsed! After Nash explains the events leading up to the collapse, Paige makes Nash wait outside the room and says, “Just be ready.”

At Roxy’s Hair Haven, while Viki and Natalie are getting manicures, Roxy jokes with Natalie about working at Buchanan Enterprises then questions her about her love life – and Vincent Jones! Although Natalie claims they are just friends, Roxy and Viki keep pushing her until Natalie brings up David and Viki shacking up together! “No,” Roxy says. “Not my David Vickers.” After a few more jokes and laughs, Roxy gives Viki her blessing. Suddenly, Viki gets a call from Nash with bad news about Jessica! Viki and Natalie rush off…

In the storage room, although Cole threatens to go to the police, Miles once again reminds Cole that Marty will go to jail if he opens his mouth! Cole storms out… Again, Spencer appears to Miles. Although Miles is feeling sorry for Cole – and Todd – Spencer reminds Miles that he’s a good person and says, “Get a grip! Cole could be ratting you out as we speak.”

When Blair comes busting through Marty’s door, although Starr tries apologizing for her mother, Blair screams that Todd is in Marty’s apartment! Blair explains that Hunter gave her the address then screams, “What did you do to Todd!” Just then, Cole comes in and replies, “If you want to find Todd, talk to Miles!” As Starr, Blair and Marty are attacking Cole with questions, Cole thinks back to Miles’s threat then explains he hasn’t seen Todd. After hearing Cole was downstairs in a storage room, Blair heads down there!

Downstairs outside of the storage room, Blair demands that Marty open the door! After Marty screams for Cole to give her the key, he does and they enter the room! However, it’s empty and Blair wants to know, “What did you do with Todd?”

At Dorian’s, John tells David that he’s going to use him to trap Spencer’s real killer by saying David was an eye-witness to the murder! Although David initially refuses, John reminds him he has no choice! Again, David brings up Marty being the killer then accuses John of having a thing for her! To John’s dismay, David rambles on about relationships until John screams, “Mind your own damn business!” Having to get the last word, David offers to teach John how to become the ‘marrying kind!’ Just then, John gets a call from Blair saying she found Todd – at Marty’s – then tries to explain. However, John says, “You can explain when I get there. I’m on my way.”

After putting Todd in the trunk of his car, Miles gets an order from Spencer to dump Todd’s body now! Although Miles tells Spencer this has to stop, and starts to head back upstairs to tell Blair Todd is alive, Spencer suggests Todd will rape Marty again! Once Miles gets behind the wheel, Spencer tells Miles he needs to fight for the ‘new him’ and says, “Can you protect Marty from that rapist Todd?” Miles starts the ignition and pulls out of the parking garage…

Back upstairs in Marty’s apartment, when John arrives, Blair explains what Hunter told her. John tells Marty he wants to talk to Miles then promises, “If Manning is here, we’ll find him!” After Marty calls the doorman to see if Miles has returned from his run, she relays to John that Miles was seen driving off in her car!

When David goes to Roxy’s Hair Haven for a full makeover, Roxy warns David that Viki needs more than a ‘live-in booty call’ then says, “She’s going to need a friend… Jessie’s back in the hospital.” With concern, David heads to Memorial to lend Viki his support.

At the diner, Matthew tells Nora, “I feel bad for Tate Harmon.” Matthew explains how hard it must be for Tate knowing what an awful man his father is.

After Natalie and Viki arrive at the hospital, Natalie starts laying blame on Nash until Paige comes out and says, “The liver enzymes in her blood are up and shouldn’t be… Jessica is rejecting the liver.”

Next on One Life to Live:

Cole is forced to lie to Starr.

Viki & David become closer.