At Dorian's, Hunter tells Blair he knows where Todd Manning is and will tell her, “For a price.” When Hunter asks Blair if she wants proof that Todd is in Llanview, he shows her a picture of Todd on his cell phone and says, “He’s alive.” For ten thousand dollars, Hunter offers to give Blair the address where she can find Todd! Once Blair returns with the money and asks where Todd is, Hunter replies, “Right under your nose.” After Hunter hands Blair a piece of paper and leaves, Blair looks at it and says, “Oh, my, God… That’s Marty’s address.”

At Marty’s, when John voices his concern for Cole’s safety, Marty says she has things under control! When Starr arrives looking for Cole, Marty wonders why Cole isn’t back from the storage room yet. After Marty directs Starr to get a soda in the kitchen, John whispers, “Throw Miles out and I’ll make sure you never see him again.” Once John is gone, Marty and Starr share some girl talk. Suddenly, Blair busts through the door and demands to see Todd!

In the storage room, as Cole is trying to wake up Todd, Miles arrives and says, “You should have never come down here.” Seeing the needle in Miles’s hand, Cole threatens to go to the police! However, Miles warns, “I’ll do anything to keep this between us.” Although Miles swears he didn’t mean for things to go this far, he says, “You say you love Starr… You’ll forget that you saw Todd here.” Just as Cole heads for the door, Miles hold him back! Suddenly, Miles hears Spencer’s voice giving him instructions. After reminding Cole of all the harm Todd has caused his mother, Miles lifts up a syringe and says, “Kill Todd.” Although Miles keeps saying Cole needs to avenge his mother, Cole refuses! Again, when Cole warns he’ll go to the cops, Miles says, “You can’t… Your mother will go to prison.” Miles pulls out the tape recorder and plays Marty’s confession to Cole saying, “I killed Spencer Truman.” Cole now realizes why Marty married Miles – because he was blackmailing her!

In the garden, as David is teaching Viki some Ti Chi techniques, Jess, Nash and Bree arrive and wonder what the heck is going on! Changing the subject, Viki asks Jessica if she’s prepared for today – the day when Jess and Antonio get their divorce. Although Viki wants to be there for Jess, Nash promises he’ll be by her side. When Nash and David go inside to make sure Bree is settled in, Viki comforts Jessica with a hug and worries that the stress will set her back in her recovery.

Once Jessica and Nash are gone, when Viki confides her worries about Jessica to David, he says, “You’re the greatest!" Just then, John arrives, asks to speak to David alone then says, “I have a key witness to Spencer’s murder – you!”

At the station, Antonio tells Talia, “If all goes as planned, I should be single within the hour.” Although Talia tries to cheer Antonio up, he states, “I loved her so much.” However, Antonio knows the divorce is necessary then expresses how much he enjoyed Talia’s company on the 4th. As Antonio puts a hand on Talia’s shoulder, she thinks back to a shirtless Antonio at his loft!

When Jess and Nash arrive at the courthouse to see Antonio and Talia, Nash tells Jessica good luck then waits in the hallway with Talia who warns Nash to keep his distance from Antonio. Once the judge comes in, she asks, “What is the reason for this divorce?” Although Antonio speaks up and explains they just don’t feel the same toward each other anymore, Jessica confesses, “The truth is, I fell in love with another man. It’s because of me.” After Jessica tells the judge that Antonio deserves better than her, the judge says, “Your divorce is granted.” Alone, when Jessica goes to Antonio and says, “I would have given anything so that this would've turned out differently,” Antonio says, “No, not anything.” After Antonio leaves, Nash goes to Jessica’s side – and she faints in his arms!

In Chicago, when Sarah refuses to return to Llanview, Rex pulls out his cell phone and threatens to call Cord! After Sarah takes Rex’s phone and throws it against the room, they finally convince Sarah to go back to Llanview. However, Sarah only agrees if one of them hides her out in their apartment! Rex and Cris flip a coin!

When Layla and Vincent arrive back to her apartment, they briefly talk about Evangeline as Vincent gives Layla a foot massage. Later, as Vincent is helping Layla by modeling some new fabric, he takes her in a steamy kiss!

Next on One Life to Live:

Jessica is taken to the hospital.

Cole threatens to expose Miles - and his secret.