At home, as Marty continues giving Miles the cold shoulder, he says, “I’m going to find a way to make you love me,” then leaves… When Cole joins Marty in the living room, he questions why Marty and Miles never do anything together and says, “Aren’t newlyweds supposed to hold hands and stuff?” Although Cole still thinks there’s more to it, Marty doesn’t divulge the truth. Changing the subject, Marty asks how things are going with Starr and warns him to stay ‘safe.’ “Have they heard any news about Todd?” Marty asks, but Cole says no and expresses how hard it is for Starr. Marty warns, “If he does come back, he’ll hate that you and Starr are together again.” Cole thinks they’ll be able to handle it then thanks his mom for allowing him to date Starr. Back on the subject of Todd, Cole says, “Starr seems to think Miles has something to do with his disappearance.” After reassuring Cole that Miles doesn’t have anything to do with Todd’s disappearance, Marty asks him to get some things out of the storage room for her…

In the storage room, as Miles is about to give Todd more drugs, he hears Spencer’s voice saying, “There’s still so much more we need to do before we’re done with Todd Manning.” Suddenly, Spencer appears to Miles! Although Miles explains that Todd needs help, Spencer goes on to say, “I’m trusting you to finish what I started with Todd Manning. You’re in far too deep to back out now.” After Spencer reminds Miles what Todd did to Marty, he says, “Don’t betray me now!” When Miles says he’ll do anything to keep Marty, Spencer asks, “Does that include murder?” Holding a syringe, Spencer informs Miles that all it’ll take to make Todd stay in dreamland – permanently – is one little shot! Miles leaves…

When Cole goes into the storage room, at first he thinks a homeless person is sleeping on the cot. However, when he turns the man over, Cole gasps. “Oh, my, God, it’s Starr’s dad!”

On the roof of the hotel, John has a nightmare of Miles raping Marty. After snapping awake, John takes a swig of a warm beer, once again thinks of his nightmare, then throws the bottle at the wall. Just then, Michael slowly opens the door with a look of confusion. When Michael keeps questioning John as to why he’s so distressed, he finally snaps, “It’s Marty Saybrooke, now leave me alone!” Although John doesn’t give all the details, Michael says, “You’re up to something, Johnny.” John leaves…

When John arrives at Marty's, he says, “I’m not here on business. This is personal.”

In the park with Tommy, when Lindsay asks Marcie what’s wrong, Marcie admits she’s keeping something from Michael. “I went to so many different doctors… They all said the fertility treatments were too expensive… I can’t conceive a child.” Lindsey tries to comfort Marcie, but she’s clearly distressed that Michael keeps pressuring her to have another baby. Although Lindsey tells Marcie to open up to Michael, Marcie doesn’t want to disappoint him and says, “He’s already been through so much.”

When Michael arrives, he takes Tommy off Marcie’s hands to install his new baby swing then leaves her by saying, “Who knows, maybe next year we’ll be putting in two baby swings.”

In Chicago, Cris and Rex complain about their accommodations at Sarah’s. With talk of Todd, Sarah says, “Face it. Hunter isn’t coming back – neither is Todd.” After Cris and Rex try to figure out if Hunter is connected to Miles Laurence, Cris suggests going back to Llanview to confront Miles. However, Rex refuses to leave and still thinks Sarah is their best bet to finding Hunter. Just then, Sarah gets a call from Hunter! Cris and Rex say, “Be cool – try to find out where he is.” After Sarah answers, she says, “Hi Babe. Why’d you take off and where is Manning?” Hunter accuses Sarah of selling him out, says he knows she made a call from Manning’s phone then warns, “I’m a guy who doesn’t like to be double-crossed.” As Sarah is screaming, “Are you threatening me,” Cris and Rex grab the phone and try to make a bargain with Hunter by saying, “Manning’s ex-wife is loaded. She’ll double your boss’s price if you lead her to Manning.” However, Hunter hangs up, and Sarah is left scared for her safety! Although Sarah tries to run out of the apartment, Cris carries her back in kicking and screaming!

Over lunch on the patio at Dorian’s, Blair and Starr briefly talk about Starr’s plans for the day. When Starr brings up Todd, Blair asks Jack to go in and get ready for school then assures Starr that Cris and Rex will find Sarah’s boyfriend who will lead them to Todd. Later, after Blair sends Starr and Jack off for a day of fun, little does she know, Hunter is approaching from behind!

Just as Blair is making a phone call, Hunter takes the phone from her hands and says, “I know where you can find Todd Manning.”

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