At home, just as Dorian scolds herself for hurting Clint, Clint arrives and apologizes to her! After Clint admits he too was a bit jealous of David and Viki, he says he’s fallen in love with Dorian but asks that she choose her battles with Viki with care. When Clint suggests going to Llanfair to declare ‘a peace,’ Dorian agrees!

Adorning an ankle monitor, and a patriotic Speedo, David relaxes in the sun and accepts some orange juice from Viki! After commenting about waking up naked in Viki’s bed, David asks, “I was just wondering, did we do it?” Through laughs, Viki replies, “No, David, we did not ‘do it!’”

Later, as David is giving Viki a massage, she is enraptured by his skills and screams, “Oh, David, yes!” Just as David comments on how sexy Viki is, Clint and Dorian arrive and alert them by clearing their throats! After stating they’re there to make peace, Clint, Dorian, Viki and David admit their faults and agree to spend the holiday together!

On the hotel rooftop, in front of Lindsey, Roxy makes a comment to Michael and Marcie about having more children. Over a picnic, Marcie explains that they just want to enjoy Tommy for now.

At the vineyard, after snuggling, Jessica tells Nash she’d like to continue to call Brennan ‘Bree’ and says, “Can you imagine Bree saying, “Hi, my name is Brennan Brennan.””

At the loft, while cleaning Antonio’s wound, Talia becomes distracted by Antonio’s half-naked body! After Antonio brings her out of the daze, Talia and Antonio show each other their scars. Over talk of their professional relationship, Antonio expresses what a good friend Talia has been to him. Later, Jamie asks Talia to spend the 4th with them and Talia agrees.

As Marty and Cole start heading to the storage room to retrieve Cole's swim suit, Miles says, “Wait! Don’t go down there!” After Miles gives Cole some money to buy a new suit, Cole takes the money but says he likes he’s old one. Deciding to grab a pair of shorts to swim in, Cole and Starr leave. Once the kids are gone, Miles tells Marty he’s determined to win Cole over! Just then, Marty gets a call from Jessica who invites her – and her new husband – to the vineyard for a BBQ. Although Marty says no, Miles picks up the other line and accepts Jessica’s offer by saying, “That’s a great idea. What can we bring?”

At Dorian’s, playfully by the pool, Starr and Cole get into a sunscreen splattering fight! Later, Starr explains what Blair found out about her father then says, “If Miles is involved, he could hurt you.” However, Cole doesn’t care and still insists on helping Starr.

Later, when arriving at the vineyard, in front of Jessica and Nash, Miles asks Marty if she’d be willing to renew their vows in front of their friends and family in Llanview by saying, “Will you marry me – again?” With a fake smile, Marty politely declines Miles's offer as Nash and Jessica talk about their own upcoming marriage.

All over Llanview, residents watch as fireworks go off… Happy July 4th!

Next on One Life to Live:

Hunter tells Blair where she can find Todd!

Images of Spencer disturb Miles.

Marcie reveals a secret to Lindsey.

Cole stumbles across Todd!