At the vineyard, as Nash joins Jessica outside, he stubs his toe causing Jess to laugh! After Jessica rubs his toe, Nash takes her in a kiss! As things get ‘heated,’ although Jessica wants to make love, Nash says, “I don’t want to risk your health. With talk of not having to sneak around anymore, Jessica appears upset over hurting Antonio then changes the subject with a suggestion of a July 4th BBQ. Going over the guest list, Nash informs Jessica of Marty’s marriage to Miles. Like everything these days, Jessica agrees it’ll take ‘time’ to get used to all the new things in her life. Later, when Jessica says she hasn’t signed the divorce papers yet, Nash informs her that Antonio has been released from the hospital.

When Talia helps Antonio back to the loft, he’s greeted by Jamie and Carlotta. As Talia plays with Jamie, Carlotta questions Antonio about Jessica. “I don’t miss the person Jessica’s become,” Antonio says. “I know that.” Once Carlotta and Jamie leave, Antonio admits to Talia, “I like your company.” As she’s helping Antonio change his bandage, Talia gets flustered at the sight of Antonio without a shirt!

In Chicago, while Cris and Rex are sleeping, Blair calls. Cris answers the phone and promises to call Blair with any news. After he hangs up, Sarah appears but refuses to divulge any more information about Hunter – or Todd. Just then Rex shows Sarah a bag of marijuana he found in her room and threatens to turn her in! However, Sarah doesn’t care and again states, “I have no idea where Hunter or Todd is, but I hope someone is taking care of Todd wherever he is…” When Cris questions Sarah about her parents, Sarah expresses hating Cord and Tina for not having faith in her singing career but says she has friends who mail postcards to them from all over the world. Suddenly, Rex wants to know, “What are you hiding from? Don’t you ever wonder how your family is doing?” When Rex explains what happened with Jessica, Sarah is happy to hear she’s okay but still doesn’t plan on rushing back to Llanview. As a last resort, Cris and Rex announce that they are not leaving until Sarah gives them the information they’re looking for!

At Dorian’s, just as Blair is getting off the phone, Starr enters the kitchen and questions whether Blair found Todd. Blair briefly explains the events in Chicago with Cris and Rex – and Sarah’s involvement – then admits, “Cristian’s the one who convinced me to allow you to date Cole. He was right. It’s wonderful to see you really happy.” However, Blair suggests heading over to Mary’s to lay down some ground rules for Starr and Cole but says, “I don’t know about her new husband… he knows more than he's letting on about your father.”

In the storage room, Miles gets Todd onto a cot then administers some more drugs to get him asleep. Miles blames Todd for all of Marty’s past and present pain then says, “I love her and it’s because of you she doesn’t love me… She will.”

When Cole wakes up, Marty gives him a big breakfast for a job well done! After talk of his performance at the musical, Cole sees the plate setting for Miles and reluctantly promises Marty he’ll try to be nice to Miles. When Miles joins them, Marty leaves him with Cole while she gets Miles some breakfast. After some small talk, Miles gets all mushy about breakfast and having shared it with Cole and Marty. Once Miles leaves the room, Cole snickers then talks to his mom about Starr and asks, “Are you totally sure Miles had nothing to do with Todd’s disappearance?”

Back in the storage room, Miles tells a lifeless Todd that he just had breakfast with the woman of his dreams then says, “And I’m not going to let you take it away from me.”

Blair and Starr arrive at Marty’s to discuss the rules of the kid's dating – and Marty agrees it's a good idea! When Blair asks what capacity Miles plays in Cole’s life regarding rules, Marty snaps, “None. I make all decisions concerning Cole.” Just then, Miles walks into the room and says, “What are they doing here?” After Marty explains why Blair and Starr are there, even though Miles wants to put his two ‘head of the household’ cents in, Marty doesn’t allow it and continues her conversation – agreeing to let Cole go swimming with Starr. At the ring of Miles' phone, he leaves the room to take the call. When Cole asks where his swimming suit is, Marty explains it’s in the storage closet and says, “I’ll go get it.” After Blair leaves Starr with Cole, Miles quickly stops anyone from going to the storage room!

In the storage room, Todd starts to wake and calls out, “Blair…”

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