After Marcie, Michael and Tommy arrive home, Marcie thinks back to losing Jen and says, “I’m not ever going to lose someone I love again.” Later, with talk about Tommy, Michael says, “I don’t want him to grow up an only child.” However, Marcie wants to wait a while longer to think about having more children.

At Asa’s, Clint tells Nora about Dorian going to Viki’s – and about David staying there! After explaining the whole situation, Clint says, “I gathered my stuff and walked out of there! God only knows what’s going on over at Llanfair.” Just as Nora reminds Clint, “I told you getting involved with Dorian would be a big mistake,” Dorian walks in! After bickering a bit with Dorian, Nora tries to leave. However, Clint asks her to stay and says to Dorian, “I’d like you to go!” Not giving up that easy, Dorian replies, “Aren’t you curious as to what I found when I arrived at Viki’s?” Dorian explains how David was in a towel kissing Viki and says, “It was all staged to upset me.” With Nora laughing in the background, Clint continues drilling Dorian. While Dorian admits she went to Viki because she was jealous, she was even more hurt to know the pain she caused Clint by doing so. Suddenly, Nora laughs, “If Viki marries David, she’ll be Viki Vickers!” After Clint joins in her laughter, he tells Dorian, “We need some time apart.”

At Llanfair, although David tries to talk Viki into sleeping with him, she says, “No.” In his comical manner, David says, “Consider it a hostess gift. How long has it been?” After Viki shoots him down again, she says, “There’s no way I’m going to be your next Dorian.” Taking a seat next to David on the bed, Viki and David have a heart to heart about Dorian. Although sad for a brief moment, David turns his attention back to Viki and says, “I could be good for you and you could be good for me too. You’re so nice… I had no idea how niceness could be so sexy – and it is!”

Although flattered, Viki says, “I’d like to propose something in return.” Viki tells David he can stay there – just not in her bedroom – then they agree to watch a movie together. When David ends up falling asleep during the movie, Viki covers him and says, “I guess I’ll sleep in the guest bedroom.”

In Chicago, although Sarah claims she told them everything, at Blair’s insistence, Sarah says, “Todd… He was in pretty bad shape. What if Todd didn’t make it? What if Hunter is gone because of it?” Blair still doesn’t buy Sarah’s innocent act and says, “You’re just like your mother, Tina Lord.” After Sarah reveals that Hunter said there was money involved, Rex warns if Todd comes up dead she’s going to be charged as an accessory to murder! Blair loses it and screams, “I want to find Todd,” then calls the Chicago police!

After the cops arrive, Sarah explains that Hunter must’ve gotten mixed up with the wrong people and says, “It just got out of hand.” As Blair and Sarah begin arguing again, the cop demands for their cooperation then insists on taking Sarah down to the station. However, he warns Blair to go home, but Blair refuses to leave Chicago without Todd! Cris and Rex manage to convince her it’s for the best if she goes – but they stay!

At Rodie’s, although Marty tells John she can’t spend the night with him, John insists that she can’t go home to Miles! Again, as Marty brings up Spencer, John tries to sway her from believing she killed Truman! “What is it?” John asks. “What’re you not telling me?” Marty admits she’s trying to prevent John from losing his job over this, begs him to let it be then leaves to attend Cole’s play.

When Hunter drags Todd’s body into Marty’s apartment, Miles is shocked! After Miles unzips the bag and looks at Todd, he screams at Hunter, “What did you do!” Hunter demands his money now! Nervous, Miles hands Hunter some money then says, “Get him out of here!” However, Hunter replies, “I’m not taking him anywhere. He’s your problem now!” Before leaving, Hunter says, “The drugs I gave Manning should be wearing off soon.” Miles is stunned to hear Todd is still alive! Hunter leaves…

When Marty arrives back at the apartment, she finds Miles holding a glass of wine. Briefly, Miles looks to his right at the body bag behind the couch! Once she goes in to get ready for Cole’s musical, Miles quickly hides Todd’s body then pours himself a drink.

In a storeroom closet, Todd rests in the body bag, unaware of the danger he’s in!

Next on One Life to Live:

Starr & Cole secretly date on their own terms.

For the time being, Miles stows Todd away from the world!

Nash questions Jessica about signing the divorce papers.