In Viki’s room, after David pulls Viki down to the bed and kisses her, Dorian sees them and says, “Dear God in Heaven. Viki, what are you doing to him?” With smugness, Viki pats David’s rear and says, “Why don’t you go put some pants on,” and David obediently answers, “Whatever you say, baby.” Although Dorian can’t contain her jealousy, Viki remains composed and even takes David in another kiss when he returns to the bedroom! When Dorian suggests Viki and David are putting on a show for her benefit, David takes Viki’s hand, puts it on his rear and says, “I’ve been hot for Viki for years. I just had to work my way up to her… if you know what I mean.” Viki asks Dorian to leave then takes David in another kiss! Once Dorian is gone, Viki and David break out laughing and David says, “You’re a really good kisser. You know what would make Dorian really mad, if you and I actually slept together.”

Back at home, Dorian is sad to find her house empty with Clint nowhere to be found…

At her apartment, just as Adriana is approached by a reporter with questions about Kirk and Tate, and how her relationship with Tate has changed, Tate shows up and claims he’s ready to tell the whole world about it. Tate tells the report how much he respects Adriana for believing in him. After the reporter leaves, Adriana expresses her dismay that everyone is speculating that Tate is racist like his father. “What if it’s true?” Tate asks. When Tate reminds Adriana that everyone has prejudices, no matter how little they are, Adriana screams how sick it is when people join a hate group to retaliate against others! With her back to Tate, Adriana says he’s nothing like his father. Tate pulls out a coin with the OPP symbol on it and replies, “You’re right, I’m nothing like my father.” Later, Adriana tells Tate that Rex is worried someone in the OPP will hurt her. However, Tate assures Adriana that no one in the OPP would touch him, “Because I’m pure,” then says, “Stick with me.” Although Tate wants a relationship with Adriana, she says, “My heart is still in a million pieces.”

At the Gallery, Bo and Lindsey continue with their talk about Jen and Drew until Bo asks, “You said you had something to tell me?” In tears, Lindsey expresses how much she misses Jen then says, “I think I’m going to come out the other end of this alive.” Talking of happier times, Bo and Lindsey briefly chat about Will and Matthew then Bo hugs Lindsey and leaves. Once he’s gone, Lindsey says out loud, “There are just some things I still can’t talk about.”

Outside of Rodie’s, when Miles calls Bo with information about Spencer, John snatches the phone away and tells Bo, “I’ll handle it.” Just then, Marty arrives and Miles says to John, “Now that you know what she did, what are you going to do. Your obligated to report what you know.” As John and Miles argue over where Marty’s going to sleep and who she’s going to go home with, Marty finally snaps and says, “I’m making my own choices!” After Miles reminds Marty, in a roundabout way, that he’ll hurt John if she leaves him, Marty thanks John but says, “Miles is my husband…”

After Marty convinces Miles to go ahead of her, John says to Marty, “What else is Laurence holding over you?” When Marty begs John to please understand and says, “My son is my priority,” John replies, “I’m trying.” Over talk of Marty’s test results, she informs John that the doctor said, “I may never get my memory of the time period back.” As Marty is ready to leave, John grabs her arm and says, “You’re not going back there. Spend the night at my place.”

Back at the apartment, Miles thinks back on his conversations with Marty begging him to let her out of their marriage. Suddenly, Hunter arrives, dragging in a body bag and says, “I brought you a present, Todd Manning!”

In Chicago, Blair rushes into the room where Todd was being held and cries, “No.” Seeing the empty bed, Blair screams, “Why did that girl lie to me!” Just then, Rex sees Sarah in the doorway and everyone chases after her! After Rex grabs her, everyone is surprised to see it’s Sarah Roberts! “Where’s Todd, where’s your uncle?” Blair screams. “You tell me what you did with Todd now!” Backed in a corner, Sarah explains how her boyfriend Hunter brought Todd there but made it clear not to ask questions. Although Sarah says Hunter wouldn’t let her call the police, she managed to call Blair. When Sarah promises she doesn’t know where Todd went, Blair accuses her of lying and screams, “Where is Todd!” Once again, Sarah explains leaving with Hunter but that Hunter must’ve known she was up to something because he jumped off the train before Sarah could get off. “I tried to fix things,” Sarah says. “I wish I had all the answers.” Suddenly, Blair asks, “What does Miles Laurence have to do with it?” Although Sarah doesn’t know who Miles is, she tells Blair, “I told Todd you were coming and I think he heard me.” Blair demands that Sarah call Hunter now!

Next on One Life to Live:

Dorian makes an apology.

Marty turns away John's offer of help.

Trying to hide Todd from Marty, Miles stuffs him in a storage room!