At the studio, David is interrupted by Jo who asks if he has the guts to show the world who he really is. She wants to get the juicy details on Dorian and Rama, but David doesn't want to smear them.

Outside Shelter, Diego informs Cutter that he'll be pressing charges. Blair approaches both and inquires what happened and that whoever assaulted Diego will have to face the consequences. Cutter says that they might want to rethink that.

At Tea's, Tea pours both her and Blair some wine. Blair mentions Victor. Tea tells her not to mention him, and spots a ring on Blair’s finger. Tea can’t believe Victor deserted her. Blair brings up Todd to try and relate and Tea throws her out.

Michelle greets Dani at the coffeehouse and asks her if she is excited about the gala. Dani rushes off with Michelle talking mid sentence.

Viki shows Clint the video of him assaulting Diego in his office. Clint wants to buy it. Viki disagrees with his solution and tries to convince him to step down. Clint scoffs at the idea. His cell phone rings. He asks how Drew is and says he'll be right over. Viki wants to know if everything's okay. Clint departs telling her it's not her concern.

In the hospital waiting room, Matthew feels bad about telling Michelle to leave. Nora agrees and wants to know if things are getting serious between them. Clint arrives wanting to know about Drew's fever. Clint and Bo argue. Jeffrey comes in. Clint wants him to get a message to the man who taped the video about buying it. Jeffrey doesn’t want to oblige. Clint leaves after telling Matthew to keep him updated on Drew. Jeffrey shows Matthew the video. Later, Destiny emerges and says they can take Drew home. Nora questions Destiny about Michelle. Michelle tells Matthew that she wishes he'd told her sooner about Drew.

Viki lets Dorian see the video at the Banner after telling her Clint didn’t back down. She is stunned that Dorian wants her to post it. Natalie, however, doesn't want her to post it.

At the mansion, Jo thanks Dorian for agreeing to tell her side of the story.

Back at his office, Clint tells Cutter that he’s not doing anything to make things easier for Diego or for Shelter. Natalie emerges and tries to ease Clint into believing Cutter is a good guy. Jeffrey calls Clint to tell him the video is being posted as the man didn’t want to sell it.

Later inside Shelter, Blair tells Rama and Nikki to get back to work when they are talking about the gala.

Jeffrey reads a note at home. He props his foot up on the table, once again showing the strange symbol.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Dani and Michelle realize they are wearing the same gala dress.

Tea tells Nikki that Dean is not her date.

Jeffrey informs Carl that everything is going according to plan.

Natalie asks Cutter if he shook down her dad.

Viki and Clint argue about his arrest.

Bo is asked to be man of the year.

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