At the hospital, Destiny and Matthew hear that Drew's seizure was a common reaction due to his 105 fever. Destiny calls Shaun, who can't leave work and promises to call Bo and Nora. Michelle arrives with coffee. She can tell what a good father Matthew is. Matthew denies he's been one but insists he's trying to be a better father. He snaps at Michelle when she pushes for answers and asks if Drew was a mistake. Bo and Nora arrive, and Michelle butts in to introduce herself as Matthew's girlfriend. Matthew asks Michelle to leave him with his family. She storms off. Destiny goes in to see Drew and promises to tell Drew Matthew loves him.

David's producer, Jo, arrives at the mansion. When Dorian hears Jo will be David's gala date, she orders her to leave. Jo informs Dorian about David's new reality show, "Anatomy Of A Divorce." Jo sells Dorian on having a part in David's show, without his knowledge, as a way to tell Dorian's side of the story.

David teases Clint at the coffeehouse about his arrest. Clint orders David to go to hell then leaves. Rama appears and wants to know what's going on with the reality show. She likes the new divorce angle but is sad to hear there's no longer a part for her in the show. Rama reminds David she's the other woman and could have a big role in his show. David assures her though their kiss was lovely there's no place for Rama in his show.

At The Banner, Jeffrey shows Viki The Sun's article on Clint and insists they have to address it in The Banner. Viki makes him Director of Online Content. Clint barges in, seething about Todd's publication. Viki informs that Jeffrey will write a small article to counter The Sun's article. Clint makes a statement through his publicist about the arrest being a 'brotherly prank'. Later, Jeffrey shows Viki a video of how everything went down at Shelter.

Todd and Blair lie naked on the couch in his suite. Blair promises him that everything's going to be okay. They kiss. A wedding ring is exposed on Todd's left hand. Before Todd leaves, Blair rubs the ring on her left hand and cries, "We'll always have our secret." They profess their love then Todd leaves. Blair breaks down crying and looks at her wedding ring. Outside the door, Todd reads a new note with an address on it and a message instructing him not to fail them again.

Jeffrey arrives home, takes out a beer then props his bare feet up on the coffee table. The strange symbol is tattooed to the bottom of his foot.

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Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Nora and Destiny talk about Michelle.

Natalie thinks maybe someone deserves what's coming to them.

Viki shows Clint the video.

David talks about Dorian's character on camera.

Blair gives Nikki and Rama a warning.

Tea calls Blair an idiot.

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