At her apartment, half-dressed, Cutter and Natalie talk about spending the night together. After Natalie gets a call from Clint, who's been arrested, she assumes Cutter's doorman pressed charges against her father and snaps at Cutter.

In Bo's office, Clint accuses his brother of enjoying the embarrassment he's caused him. Clint believes if Asa was alive he would be ashamed to call Bo his son. When Natalie arrives she hears Cutter's doorman didn't press charges. After they leave, Bo talks to a cop about Arturo, Brianna and the other guy she was seen with.

Tea reads the latest note at Todd's suite and cries, "They have Victor." Todd promises to find Victor, as Tea storms out, demanding that Todd bring Victor home.

Todd visits Viki at Llanfair to admit he's leaving town. She worries he's in trouble then holds him in tears. After Todd leaves, Jeffrey arrives. Over talk of the gala, Jeffrey admits his mentor, Carl Peterson, will be a speaker. He can't wait for Viki to meet him.

Dani finds Michelle has spent the night at her apartment. Matthew had to leave early but didn't pick up after his night of sex with her. The girls have a catty exchange. Later, Todd arrives to say goodbye. He wants to be sure Dani's okay and convinces her to look after Tea for him. Dani thanks Todd for everything and wishes he didn't have to leave. He promises to be back as soon as he can.

Jack and Dorian run into Kate outside the coffeehouse. He calls her by her first name then quickly addresses her as Miss Lane. Dorian asks to be introduced. Jack says Kate's his English teacher. Dorian confronts Jack after Kate leaves about her being the girl who broke up with him. Jack denies it. "I can always tell when a man is lying," Dorian replies. Jack convinces her that Kate's too old to be an interest to him. Suddenly, Dorian spots Clint's arrest in an open newspaper at their table. Inside, Matthew joins Drew and Destiny. Michelle appears and gushes over Drew. She wonders how long Destiny's been babysitting. Michelle is stunned to hear Drew is Matthew and Destiny's son. Matthew apologizes for not telling her. Drew begins having a seizure, and Matthew rushes off with Destiny. Later, Cutter's warned by his cop friend that Bo's investigating a possible call girl ring at Shelter.

Dorian arrives at Llanfair and shows Viki Clint's arrest. Dorian worries about the gala and suggests Clint can't accept the award now.

Todd goes to the mansion to say goodbye to Sam and even gets a handshake from Jack. He and Blair decide to say goodbye privately.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Blair and Todd make love.

Bo and Nora join Matthew at the hospital.

Jeffrey shows Viki the cover story of Clint on The Sun.

Rama asks David what's happening between them.

Dorian throws David's producer out, who informs that David will be her date at the gala.

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