Matthew and Cutter appear outside of Shelter and try to calm Clint down. Matthew calls Nora and tells Bo to get down there quick. When Bo appears the doorman wants Clint arrested. Matthew and Bo drag Clint away, as he screams, "I want to dance!" Inside, Cutter calls Natalie and makes plans to meet her. Nikki taunts Cutter about his feelings for Natalie. Later, Nikki offers the doorman some cocaine to help his bruised lip.

At The Banner, Destiny admits she enjoyed her kiss with Jeffrey and kisses him again. She pulls away, fearing they'll be caught.

Dorian catches Jack sneaking into the mansion and rants about her and David's break-up. Jack already knows and offers to be there for Dorian. She can tell he's upset. Jack thinks they can help each other and offers to take Dorian out for a run in the morning.

Bo and Nora try to sober Clint up at the loft. Viki arrives, glad Nora called. Viki questions Clint, who ends up passing out. Viki refuses to take Clint back and can't believe how he's been acting. Clint wakes up and finds them all looking at him. He wants to leave and pushes Nora out of the way. Bo arrests Clint and takes him to jail.

Cutter arrives at Natalie's and tells her about Clint. He assures Natalie Clint will be fine and kisses her. They talk about their hectic lives and how nice it feels to be alone together.

Arturo brings Dani to her apartment. For a girl in college, she lives in a very nice place. Dani admits that Todd pays for it and how money is no object for him. Arturo looks thoughtful. Over wine, Dani talks about how Todd tries to buy her forgiveness. Arturo butters Dani up with sweet-talk about how beautiful she is and how she deserves to be cherished. Dani leans in to kiss him, but Arturo pulls back. This isn't the way he wants it to happen. When Matthew and Michelle arrive, Arturo leaves. Dani and Michelle argue over Arturo, and Matthew butts in with his concerns as well. Dani storms out, as Jeffrey arrives home. When Michelle goes into Matthew's room, Jeffrey brings up his kiss with Destiny to Matthew. Michelle listens, as Matthew insists he's cool with their relationship.

Todd hands Blair the note in his suite. She reads it, "We have Victor. You failed us. If you want everyone on this list to stay safe, disappear." Todd insists on leaving but as Blair cries, he holds her close.

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Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Todd and Blair show Tea the note.

Jack and Dorian run into Kate.

Natalie hears Clint spent the night in jail and screams at Cutter.

Bo tells Clint to take his best shot.

Michelle finds out that Matthew and Destiny have a child.

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