Clint calls Viki from his office. She's working on the gala and accuses Clint of being drunk. After she hangs up, Clint downs another drink.

At his suite, Todd tells Blair their plan involving the dead tattooed body is about to go down. In twenty-four hours this will all be over. A letter containing the strange tattoo appears from under the door. Todd reads it and says, "Everything's changed."

Clint arrives at Llanfair drunk. When Viki slams the door in his face, Clint screams, "You're my Viki, and I love you." Clint leaves.

Matthew and Michelle join Jeffrey at Shelter. When they see Dani with Arturo, Jeffrey wonders if she's working on some daddy issues. Michelle recognizes Arturo as Brianna's sugar daddy. Rama overhears them talking about Arturo and admits he's bought Dani some drinks. Dani joins them and defends Arturo. She denies they are on a date and storms off. Destiny arrives, and Jeffrey takes her to the dance floor. Michelle watches them and tells Matthew she's sick of Jeffrey implying she can't be trusted. Jeffrey and Destiny say hi to Dani and Arturo. When Arturo goes to get them drinks, Dani again defends spending time with him. Matthew and Michelle join them. After Michelle points out Dani's diamond earrings, she admits Arturo bought them. Matthew drags Dani away and asks, "Is he going to be your sugar daddy?" They argue about Arturo and Michelle. Dani storms off and tells Arturo she wants to leave. Matthew and Michelle leave too. Destiny gets called away on work, and Jeffrey goes with her. Nearby, Cutter and Rama talk about being alone. Clint arrives outside and is turned away by the doorman for being drunk. Clint punches him, and someone records it.

Outside the coffeehouse Jack calls Kate to say how much he misses her. She reminds Jack he's being followed, and how she doesn't want to lose her job. Kate refuses to allow him to come over and hangs up. David appears, and the two talk about their girl troubles. Jack admits he's been seeing an older woman, who lives on Elm Street. David offers to give him a ride there.

Jack sneaks through Kate's window and promises no one followed him. Kate admits she wants Jack too but orders him to leave out the door.

David and Jack return to the coffeehouse. They continue to discuss women, and David admits he's using his divorce in his reality show.

At The Banner, Destiny and Jeffrey discuss Viki and Clint's troubles. As they look over some papers, Jeffrey kisses Destiny.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Destiny pushes Jeffrey away.

Jeffrey talks to Matthew about Destiny.

Cutter kisses Natalie.

Bo rants about Clint's actions.

Blair cries on Todd's shoulder.

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