Bo questions Arturo again in his office. Arturo denies doing anything illegal but admits he met Brianna at Shelter. She approached him. Bo thinks Arturo was a mark and that Brianna set him up. How did Brianna reel him in? Arturo fell in love with Brianna and is heartbroken to hear another man was involved with her. He wants to help Bo with her case any way he can.

Dorian throws David's clothes down the stairs at the mansion and leaves him a message to pick them up.

Dani arrives at Tea's. She doesn't want to talk about why she had a panic attack. Dani reminds Tea of everything that's gone on in her life and urges her mom to lean on her. Tea comments on Dani's scarf and wonders if it was a gift from a guy. Dani admits it was Brianna's and her family gave it to her.

Michelle gets dressed in the hotel room and tells Matthew, "Cinderella has to turn back into a maid." He wants her again. Michelle falls back into bed with Matthew. Afterwards, Michelle thanks Matthew for making her first time special. They kiss and have sex again.

Jack gets irritated as Shaun follows him to the coffeehouse. He sees Kate and tries to talk to her about 'school'. She insists they talk in class then leaves. Jack pokes Shaun in the chest and warns him to stop following him. Shaun bends Jack's finger back and tells him to take his issues up with his father.

In Todd's suite, Blair tells him last night was a mistake. Todd knows he always ends up hurting her. Blair's scared of her feelings. Todd kisses her, and they make love again. He doesn't want to lose Blair. She kisses him. Later, Jack barges in and realizes Blair spent the night with Todd and screams at his parents.

Matthew arrives at work and finds Clint a mess. Clint rants about his Viki issues. Matthew reminds Clint he needs to clean himself up for his Man Of The Year photo shoot. He convinces Clint not to wallow and helps him get ready. Later, the photographer arrives and gets started with the shoot.

Dorian appears at Llanfair for a gala appointment and taunts Viki about Clint and how she's not wearing her engagement ring. Dorian knows about broken hearts and confides that she threw David out. They are in the same boat, except Dorian's not broke. "Neither am I," Viki replies and threatens to sue if Dorian trashes her name again.

Blair finds Jack at the mansion and admits she and Todd are getting back together. Jack refuses to accept it.

Llanview spoilers for the next One Life To Live:

Dani has dinner with Arturo and sees Tea arrive.

Todd tells someone over the phone that Victor dies tonight.

Blair tells Tea their plan is moving forward.

Cutter warns Dorian not to cross him.

Jeffrey butts heads with Michelle.

Natalie sees Viki's not engaged anymore.

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