Though the younger crowd has been aged, in order for them to legally frequent the nightclub Shelter, things in Llanview pick up six months after we last saw the show in January 2013…

David gives his reality cameraman instructions at Dorian's and addresses his Vicker Man fans. Dorian appears and shows David a newspaper article, which claims Dorian hid government documents. Dorian kicks out David's cameraman and insists she handed over the CIA documents.

Clint looks at Viki's engagement ring at Llanfair. Viki comments on its beauty then shows Clint The Banner's article. Dorian is at the center of yet another scandal. Nigel answers the door to Jeffrey King. Viki welcomes her freelance reporter and congratulates him on a job well done. Later, Dorian barges in and accuses Viki of clawing her in the back.

Natalie dresses in her apartment. Liam appears and hears his mom is heading to a big party. After Natalie puts Liam to bed, she gives the sitter instructions then leaves.

Tea wanders around what was to be her baby's nursery. Tea doesn't want to talk to Dani. After Dani leaves, Tea holds a teddy bear and sings to it.

Bo screams at Matthew at the loft. He holds out a plastic bag to Nora and says, "This is that damn Oxy crap." Matthew insists the drugs aren't his then leaves. He runs into Jeffrey on his way out and states, "Change of plans." Later, Clint arrives. Bo agrees to be his best man.

A man with a forearm tattoo runs through the empty Llanview streets. Someone catches up to him and strangles the man. From a limo in the vicinity Todd orders the driver to take him to Capricorn. The driver informs Todd the club is now called Shelter.

Cutter welcomes the crowd outside of Shelter. Destiny heads in first. Rama joins Cutter inside. Blair, who owns the club, joins a younger man who turns down her advances and says, "I'm not really into cougars." Todd arrives outside, holding a card with the same symbol as the dead man's tattoo. Natalie arrives, as does Dani and Jack. Dani, who's drunk, reminds Jack it's their dad's birthday. Natalie tries to blow Cutter off, but he grabs her. They heat up the dance floor. Rama interrupts, "We have a situation." Across the room, Dani joins Jeff, an old friend from London, and Matthew. Matthew tells Dani his dad took her Oxy. Dani hides when Tea appears and joins Blair. David appears outside, but isn't allowed in. A stranger follows Todd, as he pushes his way into the club - with David and his cameras close behind. The doormen chase Todd. Blair orders them to let Todd go. Suddenly, Dani passes out. Todd carries her out of Shelter, as the man following Todd privately reveals his face. It's Victor Lord Jr.!

Tuesday's Llanview spoilers for One Life To Live:

There are big surprises at Shelter's premiere.

Two people are stunned.

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- Amy Mistretta