As Nash and Antonio attempt to leave the storage room, an air conditioner falls from the ceiling on top of them! While Jessica screams for Nash and Antonio, the two men are still inside knocked out.

Waiting at the station, Marcie is in tears as Natalie approaches. Adriana and Marcie explain that Michael and Rex are being questioned in Spencer's murder. Although Natalie tries to play devil's advocate where Michael is concerned, Marcie demands that her husband did not kill Spencer!

John says that if Michael and Rex level with him, he'll do everything he can to help them. If not, they're on their own. John goes on to accuse Rex and Michael of being in this together. After John says that Michael is acting guilty, Michael insists that if John knew him, he'd know that he didn't kill Spencer! Suddenly, John has had it with Michael and calls in a guard, "Bring him down to lock-up to cool down!" As Rex goes to leave, John tells him to sit!

As Michael goes to Marcie, a guard informs her that Michael can't leave. "My brother is putting me in jail," Michael says. Although Marcie is in hysterics, Michael assures her that everything is going to be all right. When Natalie heads to John's office, Marcie follows too. Michael whispers to Adriana, "John knows something is going on. We are all screwed." Michael and Adriana worry about what John will do when he finds out about Tommy's paternity. Michael then explains that John is pulling one of the oldest cop tricks in the book, "Separating me and Rex in an attempt to get us to turn on each other."

Coughing through the smoke, Talia wakes up and manages to call 911.

Just as Jessica goes in for Nash and Antonio, Talia tries to stop her. While the women go to look for a wet blanket, Antonio and Nash wake up. Although Antonio can stand, Nash is trapped beneath the air conditioner! Antonio somehow lifts the heavy object, then gets Nash out just as the ceiling collapses! Outside of the storage room, Antonio passes out and Jessica runs to his side and screams, "Antonio, please wake up!"

At Asa's, Renee tries to calm Nora down as she battles with the insurance company over the house fire. Over drinks, Renee and Nora talk about Matthew and about where Nora will go from here. "You're family, Nora. We'll always be here for you."

Later, still at Asa's, Nora and Matthew plan a night of fun to keep their minds off their loss.

As John is questioning Rex, John asks, "Why would you risk everything for my brother?" However, Rex replies with, "Youre the detective, figure it out." John tells Rex that 'all deals' are officially off the table for him, then lets him walk out of his office.

As Rex goes to Adriana, John approaches and says that he's not only putting Michael in jail, but Rex too!

At the hospital, Nash and Antonio are wheeled in as Jessica tells a nurse what happened. Knowing that Antonio is hurt really bad, Nash instructs Jessica to go be with Antonio, "He needs you!" Jessica rushes to Antonio's side and tells him that she, Bree and Jamie need him!

After the doctors rush Jessica out of the room, Talia tries to comfort Jessica, then asks if she remembers anything about the person who started the fire, "They might be the arsonist." When Jessica tells Talia that she and Nash were in the storage room before the fire started, Talia asks, "What were you and Nash doing in there?" Jessica walks away from Talia's question and goes to Nash who says, "How could we do this to Antonio?"

In a jail cell, Michael and Rex continue to withhold information from John.

Back upstairs at the station, Marcie goes to John and demands that he makes 'this' right before he loses everyone he loves! Natalie tries to make John feel better and says, "She's just really upset."

Talking in their cell, Michael tells Rex that maybe the only way to make sure that Tommy stays with Marcie is for him to confess!

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